Wednesday, March 31, 2010


There was one night I was messing around with making a banner for this blog, and I made one which I put up the next day. Philip didn't take much of a liking to it- he was a little embarrassed. I took it down, which was good, 'cause I really didn't like it that much anymore either. So anyway, Philip said "Why don't you just make a simple logo?"

Why can't YOU just make a simple logo?

So one day while he was at work, he doodled some and told me about it. I got really excited and thought that was so funny that he did that. Yesterday before we walked into steak night at the Hideaway, he took out a paper from his pocket and said, "lucky you" or something like that. Best.

I like the three olives. I mean two olives, cause one is crossed out.

It's not funny, but it makes me laugh. I also laugh at the handwriting here. Cough Syrup is a good one.



This is an old post from my xanga that I remembered was the greatest thing ever. At the time I was working at Bechtel, and I remember seeing this guy all the time at work. Anyway, here's the post.


some indian guy with a pony tail backed up his hardrive on the server

Yep that's me!!!

that's what the name of the picture file is, yep that's me!!!

Travel Gift List

1.Aji -India
2.Kaka -Shirt Walmart
3.Kaku -Perce/Watch Walmart
4.Anish n Nikhil - Tshirt Walmart
5.Bharati mavashi - Perce/Watch Walmart
6.Deepak kaka - tie Walmart
7.teja – Perce/Watch Walmart
8.Mama - T shirt Walamart
9.Mami - Perce/Watch
10.Dipti,Chinmay - Perce/Watch, tshirt Walmart
11.uju mavasji - Perce/Watch
12.Madhura - ?? Decide on the spot
13.Mukunda -shirt Formal
14.Anju - Perce/Watch
15.Divekar mama\mami – Decide on the spot! Something like a showpiece
16.Sanjay , Ishan -Gerkin ,game (Decide on the spot)resp.
17.Sangram - T Shirt
18.Deepa - Bodylotion Gift shop Decide
19.Kirti\Shivani - Perce/Watch and Barby for shivani
20.Nandumama\Mami – Decide on the spot! Something like a showpiece
21.Balumama\mami -whatever u think! Something like a showpiece
22.Madhuri Kaku (Ulhas Gokhale)\Suniti Atre (Vasant Atre)- Perce/Watch
23.Niranjan,Amruta - tshirt\ Perce/Watch !

24.Me -Linkin Park T-shirts,USB MP3 player.(if cheaper)


Looked up allergy stuff

googled which allergy gives you a runny nose cause i've been drowning all day in snot.
there wasn't a good answer, but i liked this site even though i knew it was from allergies, it tells you if it's from a cold or allergies.

what are allergies?
it's being too good at attacking bad stuff. your immune system overreacts to allergens, which are kind of harmless. In the war between immune system and allergens, masts get injured and release things that cause all the symptoms.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stuff I look up: pee

what color is your pee if you're healthy?
good site name

If my pee is clear already, and I'm kinda going a lot should I still keep drinking water?
I don't like their answer

Monday, March 29, 2010

I Love My Mom

I love my mom. She is pretty cool and I know I get a lot of my personality from her. One thing we don't have in common though, is English. My English is awesome. Hers...not so much. To her credit, I'll have to say her Chinese is top-notch. She writes poems and teaches Chinese calligraphy, so you know, no time to learn English. I can't read much Chinese, so when we e-mail each other she's forced to do it my way.

Dear YoYo,
I play with Jo Jo's two kids every day, too bad I don't have camera, the big one are so highper, the small one soooo cot.

talk to you later

highper=hyper . This one is good 'cause she tried. It was close!
cot = cute. Don't know what she's sounding out in her head for this one.

Dear YoYo
since daddy and mommy all out of town, I really presur your help. Without you, we probable can not make this trip, I want to said "THANK YOU YO YO", I'm so glad I'm your mom.

Thank you taking care of my office work, I WILL LET YOU make three wishes, what do you want? Star on the sky? black Ross? OR a House?

Yes, me and dad will have a good vacation, since you are handle everything in office, even daddy's work, WOOOOOOOW !

Love you and miss you

presur = appreciate. When she says this in Engrish it sounds like "preeshur". Kinda close to appreciate, don't you think?

black Ross. Oh man, this one was my favorite. When I first read it, I was so confused. Especially because she capitalized Ross. What she meant to say was ROSE. A black rose because black roses are rare and she is my mom and knows me so well that if I had three wishes, one wish would be a rare black rose. I would also like a star ON the sky. Or maybe she will just get me a house. WOOOOOOOOOW.

Deal all:

Thanks for you all always thinking about me, I'm so lucky have you all be my family, love and happy is a healthy food, eat then one times a day, TODAY I'M SO FULL, I ATE A LOT, THANK YOU ALLLLLLL, E-mail is a best gift.

She is a sweet, sweet woman, isn't she? Now, why is it that she can write "Dear YoYo" but cannot write "Dear All"? Maybe she really means Deal all.

I have noticed that my mom loves to make these weird metaphors. It makes sense though. Come on, take her advice: Happiness is the healthiest food of all. Make sure you eat it at least once a day.


Office happenings

50 something year old white lady came in with a shirt that had a big picture of a rapper and said PIMPILATION at the top and FREE AT LAST at the bottom. Her mom is also with her, and she's wearing a Baby Phat velour sweatsuit.

vote on the winner


it's too late - gloria estefan
anything that uses the music from survivor's the eye of the tiger:
- edge of seventeen - stevie nicks
- bootylicious - destiny's child
- still haven't found what i'm looking for - U2 (not so much)
beautiful - pharrell and snoop

Friday, March 26, 2010

How do chickens clean themselves?

Under the tag, stuff I look up, there's a bunch of stuff I look up on the internet. This is how I got to this question.

Not really hungry right now, but I know I should be. Thought about eating a fried egg the doctor brought because it's a Friday during Lent, and I can't eat all the freaking meat from the week including brisket, sausage, barbecue chicken, fajita beef, fajita chicken, and Panera Bread sandwiches.

Just ate the egg right now, which was underneath all this bacon.

Anyway, I thought about Napoleon Dynamite, and how he had to go to the chicken farm to earn money. Also, how he got fed egg sandwiches and egg drink. Anyway the coop looked dirty, and I wondered if they gave them showers or something.
they roll around in the dirt


november 18th - drake
put on - young jeezy ft. kanye
national players anthem - outkast and ugk
that's all - phil collins
elephant love medley - ewan mcgregor and nicole kidman
my love - justin and ti

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Last night I got home from basketball practice at 11:30. I got water from the fridge and saw a pizza on the counter. I was hungry, but it was late and i still needed to shower. I went to shower, and when I finished I couldn't stop sweating. Not regular sweating, like dripping sweat. My forehead sweat was dripping off my chin, and i felt my chest and back sweat dripping down to my waist. Anyway i got kinda scared so i went to eat some stuff downstairs and i ate all of it. i left one piece of pizza. So i ate three slices plus take out chinese food.

I guess it's best to eat your carbs and stuff after a good workout anyway to help with recovery, but the guy said that doesn't mean eat any and everything.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stuff old people think is funny

The doctor came back from spring break yesterday. I guess teachers and doctors still get spring breaks. No more eating twix and blogging about my ideals all day.

So, he came in and asks if I had seen Snow Day. Then I ask if he's talking about the movie with Cuba Gooding Jr. He says yeah, and I'm like I haven't seen it, but i know what you're talking about. Saying he was like or I was like sounds better than anything else. Anyway he's like you reminded me of him because when he first got there he was wearing all these clothes that were 12 inches thick around his whole body and could barely move. And the doctor's all laughing while he's saying this. Then he tells me about another part where Cuba's on the back of a snow mobile holding on to the driver, haha I just laughed thinking about him telling me this story, so he tells me the driver says to let go, and Cuba says, "I can't!" and the driver says they all say that on their first ride. Then the doctor says that Cuba's saying, "No, I really can't let go! I'm stuck!" haha and the doctor's telling me about how the sound effects were all crackly when they were pulling his arms off the driver. The doctor was all red and telling me that I should watch the movie.

I always like to think about what kind of people think different parts in movies are funny. I guess kids and old people think the same things are funny. I'm gonna look up that clip of house bunny right quick cause that's the first time I can remember thinking about this stuff.

haha the latest comment on youtube for this video is:

Monday, March 22, 2010

Evolution of Me

Titles comes from Robin Thicke's album title. I louuourve him, no homo dough.

I might be getting brain washed by all this google research, but I keep refining what I want to do as my long term healthiness regimen thingy.

Stages went like this:
1. In middle school I did curls, push ups and arm raises in my room with some dumbbells to have cool arms and beat kids at school at arm wrestling.
2. In high school I was scared to work out cause I wanted to maximize my height cause I thought it would stunt my growth. (gonna google that right now) (googled, and sounds like a myth)
3. Got to college and fake worked out in the apartment complex gym, fake cause there was no plan other than to try to get muscles to look good. Stayed skinny.
4. Went through a phase in college where I wanted to work out my legs to try to dunk cause I was playing basketball all the time. Didn't really keep up with it.
5. Started googling some junk my senior year and felt that really slow reps and really heavy weight promoted the most muscle growth cause I wanted to get kinda big before I graduated and never had the rec center ever again. Worked a little, biggest I had ever been.
6. After graduating, I started getting scared of gaining fat, but I didn't want to join a gym cause I didn't have a job to pay for it yet. After 7 months, gained about 8-10 pounds with a combination of gaining a bunch of fat and losing muscle.
7. Joined 24 Hour Fitness after that 7 months and have been using my membership sparingly. Not a problem with motivation, just with priorities.
8. Recently, I have been looking up a bunch of stuff on google about diets and work out programs, and just out of curiosity through links on those pages I kept reading about a bunch of overall health stuff. Now I want to look and be healthy instead of just looking healthy.

So the recent things I've been thinking about doing were at first just looking up what kind of work outs/lifts burn the most fat. Then I realized how important my diet was because I didn't have the time to work out like I did in college. I ate whatever I wanted and stayed pretty skinny cause I was at the rec all day. Then I looked up stuff about low carb diets, and I found this page I liked about keeping your insulin low which made sense to me. Did that for like a week or two and it seemed pretty easy to do to me, and I was not getting hungry while losing fat. Looked up HIIT and thought it sounded good, but then Marianne said it wasn't good to do it on a low carb diet. I already was kinda worried about deficiencies or whatever from doing low carb, so now I'm gonna do kinda low carb with carbs being the slow digesting kinds like black beans and junk.

drawing circles

When I first started art school it felt ridiculous. I was really unsure of myself, especially since most of the kids in the program knew they wanted to pursue art, whereas I kind of just fell into the program by accident. I initially started out in the Interior Design program, which was eventually bought out by the Architecture Department, which subsequently meant you had to reapply to the School of Architecture (no matter how many years you were in the program), which I did, and failed to get in. I remember when I got the news, I went to my car and cried.

They gave me options though. I could be a painter, a sculptor, a photographer or a graphic designer. I guess it all turned out to be a blessing in disguise. No complaints, except that I wish I finished this a long time ago.

In art school, you have to get over a certain level of embarrassment in front of your classmates. You have to learn to B.S. your way into the minds of your professors and learn to use cliche art-phrases to explain WHY you did you what you did, which you eventually start believing yourself. It was really hard for me at first, but then you just get used to it.

Here are some highlights of when I felt the most ridiculous:
Painting different sized black circles for a whole semester, then putting them on the wall and discussing why I placed them in certain areas. Those discussions usually lasted 3 hours.
Doing an exercise where the professor played different types of music, asked us to close our eyes and sway while scribbling on a pad. I was extremely uncomfortable during this one because I knew people were peeking. Then we had to put them on a wall and discuss them.
There was one time the teacher asked us to make different textures using things that wouldn't be considered, such as soap, olive oil, gasoline, sand, etc... I kept thinking about how lame it all was, and I didn't get what the hell we were supposed to do that for. In the end, it kind of became a competition on who uses the most outlandish materials. I always felt like it was the walk of shame as you walked up to the wall and tacked up your stuff. Not only is everyone judging you and your work, but you have to openly discuss it too. Thankfully, my classes aren't like that anymore. We still have to talk about our work, but it has gotten easier now that we've been conditioned to do so.

One of my classes this semester is about modern culture and documentation of this era. The projects are kind of gimmicky, but I like the ideas behind it. Our current project requires building a journal based on different events, thoughts and discoveries. I have always wanted to do something like that, but never really had the motivation to do so. I like saving a lot of crap that I think have sentimental value, so it would be reasonable to just stick it in a journal. Basically, the project calls for us to do things that we normally wouldn't consider doing in our "busy" lives and then find things that relate to that event and compose it into a handmade journal. Maybe a ticket stub, a wrapper from some candy you ate that night, writing down a phrase that someone said that day...I like this stuff, but I think Philip has a different take on it.

Something I did this weekend that that I have never done before was attend GoodPhil. I like watching Philip play sports. Watching all these people be all athletic made me wish I could be all Sporty Spice-y sometimes and that I had nice thighs and a nice butt. I think I'm going to put that in my journal somehow.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday during Lent/Low carb/GP tomorrow

Indian Hindu lady next to me at work reminded me that i wasn't supposed to eat meat today when i told someone that i could actually eat eggs and sausage on low carb because they think i'm trying to be all healthy whenever i eat at work. it broke me heart.

Backtrack. Earlier this week, someone was gonna get breakfast for the next day at Panera Bread. It's all carbs there, so I said just get me one of those low fat yogurts or whatever they have over there cause I figured it was good for you, but it's actually higher in carbs than all those bagels. She actually got me a parfait anyway so I just ate the strawberries and the nuts and granola that come with it and threw the yogurt away. Granola isn't low carb either. So today, someone brings McDonald's, and the person that brought it was like "I got you yogurt cause I know you're trying to be healthy!" It's another parfait, but also this is when I say, "Well, I can actually eat sausage and eggs also."

I'm not doing low carb this weekend starting today because I'm gonna need energy for GoodPhil this weekend. I decided this after I finished the square egg from the Deluxe Breakfast, and I wanted to eat the pancake. Also I would feel bad if I didn't eat the parfait the lady got me.

Jo Koy is gonna perform, but I didn't think he was funny on Comedy Central. So I don't think he's funny in general, but I also like to downhype to make things better.

Manny's singing the national anthem of the Philippines. Downhyping the entire show.


So it's been a couple of hours since I ate that pancake, and I've been getting hunger pangs for the past hour every 5 minutes. Carbs suck. Wasn't getting any since starting low carb.


I ate that parfait an hour ago and have hunger pangs again. I know it's not like I'm eating a lot, but I'm pretty sure I'm not that hungry after just an hour. It's the sucky carbs. Be convinced Jessica.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stuff I like

I like having things in common with people that I don't know that well and acknowledging that we both like it. It makes for a good 30 second conversation and a fake-bond. When I first started hanging out with Philip, we kept saying how much we don't have in common-but at the same time, we kind of have a lot in common too. I guess the things that we don't have in common are superficial.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Easily one of my favorite movies. I first saw
this when it came out in the theaters and I was completely blown away. I remember getting scared at how realistically they portrayed the ups and downs of relationships. Pessimistic, but also so romantic without using the usual romance formula. I also remember wearing a black long sleeved shirt to the theater and when I came out there were white marks all along the bottom of the sleeves from snot- from crying, not allergies. I ain't no nerd! I was so embarrassed.

The Brothers Bloom

Rented this and watched it one Sunday afternoon. Didn't anticipate liking it, but it turned out to be really entertaining. I laughed out loud and felt nice and satisfied when it was over. That's one of my things about movies-I need to feel satisfied. The story-
line is interesting and the acting was good too. I love Rachel Weiss. Her character is the bomb.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

My favorite Woody Allen film of all time. These two best friends go to Barcelona and happen to meet this artist (Javier Bardem), a cocky douche-bag who is twice their age. He hooks up with one of the friends, and then the story begins. Sounds cheesy, but it's solid.

Bright Eyes-First Day of My Life

If you have a gag reflex towards sappy music, this ain't for you. I have loved this song for a long time and even though Conor Oberst's voice is warbley and slightly off-tune, I have grown to like him a lot. The whole I'm Wide Awake it's Morning album is good. Sweet lyrics.

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day. Went to Lucky's for a little bit and then went back home. Philip was not drinking and had to go home so he did that, and I ended up re-meeting up with Chris at Tipsy Clover. Had a good time. Later went to West Gray Cafe and had to make friends with a goth girl because she heard Chris say something about her lips (they were really big and collagened up). I could tell she was mad for real. She kept calling him a douche and was all rolling her eyes and looking pissed. Anyway, it ended up well.

First try at HIIT

Last night i tried beginner's HIIT on an elliptical: 4 minute warm up 50% on elliptical, 30 second sprint, 30 second 50%, 30 second sprint, 1 minute 50% (couldn't do 30 seconds), 30 second sprint, 2 minutes 50% (couldn't do it 30 seconds)

super hard, super sweaty, walked weird when i got off, tried to play basketball after and was super short on everything. supposed to be able to do 8 cycles of 30 and 30, and tabata does 20 and 10 which sounds ridiculous, but he used that on athletes.

rockets game was good, turned it on down by 11, ended up winning by about the same amount, but brooks can shoot mayne, 38 game streak with at least one three made is no fluke

went out for st. patty's day, didn't want to drink, but i did want to, but i didn't drink cause i'm strong. anyway don't go out if you're not gonna drink unless you're the dd cause it's kinda sucky. no offense to anyone there, but there's a reason so many people drink, makes almost everything funner. i was saying after, that you can have fun at the most boring place if you're buzzed before you get there.

Stuff I Look Up

Do mosquito hawks eat mosquitos?
nope, dragonflies do

Does eating stuff high in cholesterol raise your cholesterol?
has little to no affect

Marianne scared me about low carb and hiit, so i looked up stuff on slow digesting carbs.;col1

Was thinking that jessica never sweats cause she never exercises, so i looked up if you really sweat out toxins.
nope, it's a myth, peeing and pooing is the best

Lactic acid myths

What are muscle knots?

Sometimes I think I drink too much water cause some sites make it sound kinda easy, but I trust more cause their site looks better to me

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Just making a note that today i looked up HIIT, interval training, and i'm going to start next monday so i won't get too sore for goodphil this weekend.

I always happen to be hurt somehow before goodphil, this is going to be my 6th or 7th goodphil, i missed the last one because i went to the philippines during spring break, but since it's in CS, we're getting most of the alumni i played with for a few years to play again, a huge black guy and a tall white guy, both good players.

i don't know if lowering my carb intake is working or if it's just cause i'm limiting my overall calories because of trying not to eat carbs, i guess both is fine.

It's Late. Zef Side!!!!

I put in a new blog header. I should have been spending this time working on my projects, but nay, I got sidetracked. I couldn't find many pictures of Philip, but then I found the one I'm using in the header, and couldn't let go of the fact that placing him upside turns him into the letter "y". Can you even tell? Kinda don't like when stuff like that happens 'cause even when I'm hating the look of it, I still can't let it go. Plug. Then I got all into using pictures as letters, and went through all my pictures to find one of me somewhat making a letter or shape; and the one in the header was as close as it got. It looks like I'm making the kissy face, which is lame and you know it too. Really though, I've noticed that is just a face I make a lot for pictures after I've had a few drinks. I going to have to remind myself to change that up quick. Help me.

Here's a video of a song (Zef Side) that I think I like. When I first saw this video, I got really weirded out, which you probably will too, but I couldn't stop playing it over and over again. I ended up spending a whole Saturday afternoon looking up all their other songs and bios and other videos and articles and pictures. I was in that obsessive, web-surfing zone and was probably hunched over my laptop looking all crazy. I was reminded of posting this 'cause Philip just referenced it the other day- but I don't remember why.


I was dying to find a picture of myself reaching my arm out so that I could make a collage of my hand up in Philip's face. Muy Thai! Hiya! That would have made for a better banner.




Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Best Rockets Game?

Last night's game game against the nuggets may have been the best rockets game i've ever seen live. loser chauncey fouled out like a chump, melo scored 45 in a loss and missed the game winning shot, brooks, martin and scola had 31, 29, 23, we had the section right in front of all the fan zone stuff with games and sign making and face painting, won with a brooks jumper with less than 3 seconds left, bunch of friends and family there, got to yell during the whole game without feeling like anyone else was into it.

When i got my face painted, the guy was like are you a big time rockets fan? and i was like duh, then he said turn around, and he put a white rockets R in the back of my head in my hair, no big deal, i thought he was gonna put it on my back though

Also, i don't want to forget this later, i did a fake run and jump onto jessica where i was going to miss her by just jumping around her, but she stuck her hand out at my face and hit me in the face knocking my glasses off in the middle of a crowd walking out of the rockets game, then some kid almost stepped on it, but luckily he's probably a foot dragger and just kicked them, but they still got bent a little, anyway all jessica's fault. fake jumping at someone is a totally acceptable move. sticking your hand out at the jumper's face during the move is not.

beer baseball: no point in saying friendly game if you're not going to be cool about stuff, especially when it comes to make up calls

Monday, March 15, 2010


I'm downtown waiting to process yet another wastewater application for a new project. I realized that all this waiting around is a waste of time, so I've decided to start writing the blogs while I wait. There are people sitting all around me, so I keep shrinking my font size down so that they can't read it. Gottem. I know they want to look hard, especially the people behind me.

This past weekend was super fun. (By the way, I hate when people mistakenly say "This passed weekend".)

On Friday, we went to Oishii for happy hour since Philip can't eat meat on Fridays. Lent. The chopped scallop and salmon sashimi went hard.<--- "went hard" is the modern-day vernacular for: super, good, awesome, best, A+, bonus. I was being rebellious and strayed from the happy hour menu, much to Philip's dismay. <----Written in the style of classical literature.

Later we went to Rudyard's to play darts and shoot pool. Wait, before that we went to Cecil's for one round of pool 'cause Rudyard's was too packed. Philip won that game; but whatever, 'cause those pool sticks were boo boo. Went back to Rudz and it was still packed with a bunch of people that usually aren't there. I know this because we run that place, since summer '09, baby. I love that place for real though. The bartenders are super cool to us and the drinks are cheap. One day I'm going to feel nostalgia-overload towards that place. Anyway, it was packed because they were having a memorial for the guy who designed all the metalwork for the bar. I guess he was a cool guy and pretty well known in the community since it was so packed. At one point there was a lot of cheering and crowding around going on when this one guy (I found out it was the local "crazy-man") came down the stairs on roller-skates while balancing a beer on his head. I like that kind of dumb stuff.

Wow. I have been waiting for 2 straight hours now. That means this post will be long and boring since I am just aimlessly typing, trying to keep myself busy.

Went to Dallas on Saturday morning for the Paqciauo fight. The whole trip went hard. I wonder if when you write stuff like this, are you supposed to go into detail so that you don't forget some of the good stuff? Or will just reading about the gist of it trigger the memories.

Oh, my turn. Bye.



Went to the manny vs clottey fight this past saturday. First boxing match i've ever been to.

Said it a million times already, but tailgating was better than the fight. I don't know why i thought tailgating was so fun, when i think about it, it just was just drinking outside with a bunch of friends and playing a bunch of games, but now i just thought about how awesome that sounds. pin the punch on the clottey. i heard there was food, but i didn't eat any cause i didn't try to

Jessica came without a ticket, worst case scenario was that she would have had to sit in a car after tailgating while we all watched the fight. better case scenario was that we could find a game day ticket for her, which is what happened, bet that felt awesome for her cause it probably felt sucky that she might have to sit in the car by herself for like 3 hours

the fight was disappointing because it seemed like clottey wasn't trying to win, so he threw like 5 punches, which all hit square on manny's face, but manny was punching the whole time even though it looked like none were landing. it's pretty ridiculous that manny keeps up that pace for 12 rounds straight even when he's past 30 years old. i guess you'd be kinda scared if all of clottey's punches were connecting, but i figure if clottey would have tried to win and punched more, then it would just open up everything for manny at the same time, no way clottey's defense is as good when he's trying to attack. clottey's eyes were super red even before the fight started, probably smoked in the locker room. also manny didn't look as awesome as usual, maybe clottey's defense and lack of punching was the cause, or maybe he didn't care as much either, he's not gonna fight for a while since he's running for some office in the philippines.

Just thinking about how awesome my weekends are. This past friday, happy hour with jessica, then rudyard's, then house party. Saturday, dallas with the cousins and friends for tailgating and manny fight. Sunday back from dallas to go eat crawfish with family and then play some beer baseball at chris' cause jarryd's in town. only sucky thing is that it all includes alcohol, was looking up some stuff and it sounds like i'm in the heavy drinker category, not an alcoholic, but definitely not an occasional drinker. during the week i only drink water unless we do some kind of happy hour or something because i know how much i drank the past weekend.

Everyone's getting allergies including me. i've never been one to take medicine, but how can i pass up prescription stuff for free that the doctor says works? can't, and it's working

Friday, March 12, 2010

Today is a Good Day

You know how there are some days when driving somewhere is the best thing in the world? Yeah, I love those days. I think the recipe for "good-day-driving" success is: perfect weather + driving fast + driver's side window down + a cd you've overplayed but is still in the cd player, and it's all of a sudden really jammable again + arm out the window + being alone.

Also, I think it should be legal to drive really fast if you're a good driver. We (yes, we. 'cause I'm one of them and if you agree with this, that means you're probably a good driver too) should get a special license so when we get pulled over, the cop is like, "Oh, you're part of the G.D. program."

When I left my place this morning, there were some contractors cleaning my neighbor's brick wall. I was holding my laptop and one of the contractors (Luis) asked me if what I was holding was a laptop. I said yes. He asked me if I had any for sale. I said yes, because I remembered that I had an old laptop at work that no one was using. I told him it would be slow because it's old and that it was heavy like a brick. He just wanted it to play dvds, he said. Anyway, I tested the laptop and it doesn't work. Sorry! (boring.)

I just returned a call to a client named Andy. I dialed the wrong number, but the guy happened to be an Andy as well, and he happened to know a Jessica. It was confusing for like 30 seconds. Then we talked about how coincidental that was. But not really, cause there are a million Andys and Jessicas in the world. Do you know one? I bet you do.

Also, why is it that the wrong numbers that call you are 95% Mexican? Or maybe they're not Mexican, but they like to speak Spanish.


good songs

good song i think of whenever

frontin' - pharrell and jay z
sex therapy - robin thicke luda
live like you were dyin' - tim mcgraw
need you now - lady antebellum
rude boy - rihanna (pretty much just the beat)
a groovy kind of love - phil collins
easy - lionel richie

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bills, bills, bills

So... I woke up this morning to my alarm beeping. It's a fancy alarm because it has two alarm functions: music first, then beeping later- but also because it has a backup battery option so that it goes off even if it's unplugged, except when that happens, no music. First clue.

Then I go to my bathroom and flip the light switch which doesn't work. Second clue.
My first instinct is to go to the backyard and mess with the electricity box (whatever it's called) because my place is old and the power always goes out. But usually when that happens certain areas in my house aren't affected. So I try the kitchen switch.

Fine. I didn't pay my dang electricity bill. I thought I paid, but you can't trust automated phone payments because they're run by robots. Which, if you think about it, should probably be more competent than real people.

I'm going to be optimistic though. Here's why: My first class got canceled today, meaning I got up at 10am instead of at 7am. I found out the power company came to cut me off at 8am. If I had regular class, I wouldn't have found out about this ROBBERY until I got home at 5. That would mean I would have had to suffer a depressing, dark night until they came the next day. Also, the weather was perfect today. If this was any other day, my space heater would have shut off and I would have been dead meat. AND, the sun was super bright today so I could still do my makeup pretty well in my room. Whew. (I feel like the word "day" is too overpowering in this paragraph.)

Let's hope the power company hooks me up before I get home.

I met my new neighbors yesterday. Philip called to tell me that he heard them in the backyard, so he stood in the bedroom and spied on them through the cracks in the blind. He said he made eye contact with the guy and that's funny. I bet he got super scared and started doing things like moving stuff around, touching stuff -how I do when I get flustered.

I wanted to meet them really badly but Philip was against it because, you know, he freaking just spied on them and got "caught". I obliged him, but then when I was taking out the trash I ran into them anyway. I bet my subconscious told me to do that. I greeted them and we did the whole handshake thing. I said, "Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Jessica." He said, "Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Adam." I said, "Nice to meet you Madame." OH MY GOD. SO EMBARRASSING. I thought about it all day and even before I went to sleep.

dear diary

started low carb yesterday, in the middle of the day, so i had already eaten a biscuit, some potatoes, and some crackers. for lunch though, i ate the meat that goes on baked potatoes without eating the baked potatoes. so far i think it's the bomb, except last night i got home from working out and there was adobo, but how can you eat adobo without rice? i looked in the pantry for some vegetables but corn and carrots are not low carb, plus it's not like i could eat adobo with those, so instead i just put two tablespoons of rice in the adobo bowl, so it was like 10 parts adobo to two parts rice.

another sucky thing about starting low carb yesterday was that the day before that i had gone to the grocery store and gotten super carbed up. spaghetti, loaf of bread, oreos, goldfishes, and frosted flakes. whoever wants any of that junk you can have it, cept only jessica reads this, and she was the one who actually bought all this stuff, so yeah

this is boring

looking up health stuff on the internet is kinda fun, this is what i looked up yesterday:
myths about eggs being bad for you
low carb stuff
alcohol and low carb
if working out in the morning actually burns more
low insulin diet

worst lunch ever just now, a dumb salad with a bunch of gross bell peppers and raw brocolli. gonna look up all the gross things in the salad to see if they're low carb

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

first/stuff i think all the time

my germs


in the span of one minute at work i saw 3 charts with baseball names:
pujol (singular)


if your favorite way of having eggs is scrambled, you just haven't grown r us kid (said like lil wayne)


i don't like the back in the day mix on 97.9
that makes you uncool cause everyone knows that it's cool to like old school rap