Tuesday, August 24, 2010

week 2

8/23 Squat: 205 lbs (5,5,5) technique sucks, front of my hips still hurt sometimes
Pull ups: (7,5) just going to failure
8/24 Bench: 125 lbs (12,10,7,7)
Rim jumps alternate hands: (10)
8/25 Powercleans: Just tried them, I suck at them.
8/26 Squat Jumps: Read about them at work and thought they were better for jumping than power cleans. 95 lbs
8/27 Press: 65 lbs (12,10,8)
Pull ups: (5,5,5)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Do Re Mi

Usually when I send emails with videos to friends and family, my messages are short and sweet just as my mom does. But they usually go something like, "Watch this video." Here's my mom's message for this video of 3 boys singing opera.

Dear YoYo,

O~~So~ Lo~ Mi~ O~~~


week 1

Starting to track weights

Squat 8/17: 205 lbs (5,5)
Press 8/18: 65 lbs (12,8,8)
Deadlift 8/19: 155 lbs (5,5)
Bench 8/20: 125 lbs (10,8,6)

I was trying to do 3 work sets of 5 reps on squat and deadlift, then try to do them at max velocity after I get good at them for power.

Then I was trying to do 3 work sets of at least 12 reps for the press and bench.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

blackberry spellcheck

I wish my parents were email fob

I tried to text this to jessica, but it made me say:

I wish my parents were email job

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weekend Recap

Went for dollar beers after work at sherlock's in river oaks. People who came were me, jessica, nikko, sam, dennis, christine, mona, and kimberly. Started at 7 and was a long night. We play a bunch of darts, I love dollar beers, and I got stabbed in my left nipple. Jessica came late because she had practice for a fashion show she was gonna be in on saturday because she's a model.
We left at 9 something to go play beer pong at pearl bar, which worked. Usually never works cause we always plan to go early to get a table, but never make it. Anyway, dennis' mom calls him at jess' house, and he tells her he's coming home soon. Psych. He comes with us. Beer pong sucks outside, but me, sam, and christine win anyway. These losers wanted to play next, like always. Boring.
I tell jessica to go get beer with wendy so we can play board games, and we'll meet them. I guess I was drunk cause I didn't know no one else wanted to do that, but by then jess already left, and me and sam have no ride. Jessica gets mad that I tricked her, so I get a double jack on the rocks. We go to the Lot and I don't remember anything cept that jessica came back to save us.
When we wake up, it looks like we made really messy crepes the night before. Also, that cookie cake jessica brought to all my birthday dinners that no one touched for like a week and a half, someone touched it I guess, cause there was blue and green icing all over the floor. Crazy kids.

Super hungover. Parents are on a cruise, so no church, but freaking jessica has to leave at 230 for the fashion show and doesn't get out till 10. I want to have fun, but no one's doing anything. On all the other weekends I'm all squeezed for time to do a bunch of fun stuff like pool parties and junk, but when I finally have time, nothing. So I play bloons for a while at jessica's until I just go back to my brother's to play call of duty until party time for jonas' birthday.
Surprised to see nikko there cause I forgot he passed out at jess' the night before, but went to my bro's to pick up a laptop for his dad. Anyway, call of duty time. I'm addicted right now, but life is getting in the way, I need to be dead. We end up playing 3 games of monopoly. I win one, and I'm on the way to my second victory when my brother gets all hot at the craps table, I'll show him hot craps. I don't know why I get so mad playing monopoly and losing, I wish I didn't, but it's better than playing with people who don't care, I think. Anyway, nikko gets last all three times, and gay bryan wins two.
Party time at jonas'. Nikko goes to poker, bryan has a huge club party to go to that everyone's gonna be at, and your a square if you're not there. Million dollar song right theah! Jess is at the fashion show, so I'm ridin solo, I'm ridin' solo. I'm still hungover. Whenever nikko tried, yeah I said tried, to play call of duty after losing in monops, it would make me really dizzy. I get to jonas' and drink water for a while cause I don't feel good. A bunch of current philsa people are there and they started early. Jason's all super red, but jonas doesn't seem drunk, and never actually does the whole night I was there. Me and dennis don't even play a single game of beer pong, but jason keeps organizing 20 people games of flip cup, where you have to do certain actions before drinking. Girls had to get on one knee and head bob 3 times. Guys had to spin and lick the air 3 times. Richard came and got super lucky and beat me and dennis in pool cutthroat.
The plan was to use jonas' as the pre party and to leave whenever jessica got out, but jessica texts me that she's done right as I'm walking to the house from my parking spot. I tell her we're gonna stay a bit cause I just got there, and dennis and richard aren't even there yet. I feel bad, but then she goes to the strip club anyway cause she's mad. Strip club's name is glitter. Dennis and I try to figure out where to go, or to even go anywhere at all cause we're still at jonas' at 1215. We decide to just go to the lot even though he wants to go to boondocks to see his boyfriend really bad. I say ok let's go, but he doesn't want to feel the wrath of jessica who's at the lot cause chris picked her up from the strip club to meet up jade and her brother at the Lot. We tell mona we're going there. Me and dennis drop off my car at jess', and don't get to the Lot till 140, but we have a secret weapon. We took some gross vodka from jonas' house and put it in a water bottle, disgusting. I tell jessica to get ush a chaser to mix it with, and we get a cokeback. Coke and vodka, never heard of it? After party at jess' with mona, stef, dennis, me and jessica. Nothing interesting, dennis' parents call like always, and party's over.

Lunchtime at sandong snacks on bellaire cause dennis went to church in sugarland. Jessica likes to call it santong. Get there and dennis is wearing the same thing as the night before and looks red. Embarrassing. Imagine I said that like the guy from the big three celtics espn commercial where they're wearing their uniforms in the office, and the guys are making fun of them cause they called each other the night before to match the next day. Anyway, it seemed pretty good, but coulda been better if jessica knew me better and got what I liked. Say something. Thought so. How does it feel to be so close to the sun?
Me and jessica go to memorial city mall to watch dinner for schmucks. Genuinely thought it was gonna be wack, with some extra downhyping, it turned out to be funny. forgot that we went to tap house after lunch until I remembered that we also got dibs and a large icee at the movie, what a good diet. Walked around the super crowded mall, and then went to 99 ranch across the highway for some sushi to make at home. It's the bomb. We on demand hot tub time machine, and I laugh out loud a few times in the first third, but then I'm not really sure what happened, maybe just wasn't as funny anymore. Didn't downhype enough.

The end. I typed the friday recap on my phone in the bathroom at work.