Friday, April 30, 2010

First Full Week

Finally finished a full week of the routine I made up a couple of weeks ago. Gets hard cause things always come up after work. Anyway, I made this up from reading a bunch of stuff online, mostly from

Most of it has to do with trying to not get fat and getting in shape for basketball games on sundays. I've been trying to look for anything that'd be better than cardio cause it sucks.

Heavy lifting full body - kinda hard cause I'm usually ridiculously tired from the weekend, but gotta do it farthest away from the next game.

Plyometrics - circuits of line jumps from side to side, depth jumps, wall jumps. Makes me super duper exhausted the rest of the night.

Metabolic weight training - just circuit through everything I do on Mondays. Funner than cardio, but kinda like the same thing, I hope. End with a few rounds of HIIT.

Cardio - run/jog as long as I can. Yesterday was my first day, and I went for like 25 minutes straight. I kept wanting to stop cause it was boring and I was getting tired, but it's so easy just to keep going if your mind goes somewhere else. I figured out my hives were from running outside in the super wind cause I started to feel them coming, so I took some benadryl right quick and stopped them from coming.

Now I have two full days to rest before the game on Sunday morning. It's bad enough that I spend all night on Saturday drinking, so I figure that I can't be sore also. Doesn't work anyway cause the drinking thing has way more impact than being sore.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Walmart People

I always forget about looking at these when I'm bored, but today I didn't.

Lunch Time is Gossip Time

At work we have a really little kitchen with a little table that 5 of us sit at for lunch. It usually takes me like 10 minutes to eat my lunch if I even eat at the same time as everyone. Anyway, all the ladies just sit there and usually talk about patients and how sucky they are.

Today, Tita Meng was talking about this one lady that just started super crying in one of the rooms. She said that the lady saw the doctor walk by and just started acting all hurt and crying and junk cause I guess she came to refill her medicines.

Other times Neza, the nurse here, said she'll take them to a room and then ask them, "Ok, so what's wrong today?" Then they'll start doing the whole, "Man, my back hurts and blah blah." You know what I'm talking about, where they start rubbing their back and grimacing. Then Neza was saying that like, "They don't have to do that cause I'm not the one prescribing the medicine, I mean I'm just asking what's wrong so I can write it down."

It's the Lebron syndrome:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Look Up: Text Through Gchat

I don't have unlimited texting, plus if you don't have your phone or it's dead then you can just do this.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Chicken Barbecue

I heard this in the office while I was surfing.

Some guy came in and was talking to Maria the receptionist, and Maria starts walking to the kitchen...

Tita Meng: ... we have some chicken barbecue.
Maria: But he don't have no teeth on the bottom.


Also, the fun part of my day was when I found out I put the bills upside down in envelopes after I had sealed like 50 of them. The fun part is opening them with this really nice letter opener.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Damage Control for Six Unhealthy Habits

Saw this on the MSN homepage
"The good news is that 'many people who drink excessively in their 20s incur no lasting damage.'"

Forgot the rules about a quote in a quote. Anyway there's a smoking and junk food one. That drinking one makes me feel better even if it's not that true.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Tita Meng brought this into work last week. Self explanatory. No wonder he's a big Hollywood producer in LA right now.

I don't see any other family in this story but me. Flattered.

Benefit of the Doubt. Some of his fortunatelies and unfortunatelies are mixed up. Plus it might not even be me, I only have one L in my name. Also, the door to the black whole of nothingness.

Scoreboard. Also, his Toy's possess something.

Fortunately I was in his room with his toys!,

I have super powers, floods and volcanoes.


Kick Ass: Pretty Sure There Are No Spoilers

So I told everyone that it might be the greatest movie I've ever seen. I think it's cause during the movie I said it like three times out loud to Jessica that it was the best movie ever. I thought it to myself two more times. There was no down hype effect in effect here. Use of those two words might be wrong there. Hope I'm not up hyping it right now.

Since then I've found myself sometimes second guessing this. Only because I don't know if I need good guys getting hurt or beat up or whatever. I know it has to happen because there's a formula for movies. Good guy is sucky, becomes awesome, everything is awesome for a second, everything gets twisted and conflicted, then good guy solves everything in some sort of awesomeness. I hate when good guys get hurt, it makes me cringe hard. When I see bad guys getting what they deserve I freaking love it super hard. I was yelling at the screen like, "Yes! Mothereffer!" That sounds super loser, but I was just feelin' it, maybe I was in a good mood, maybe I was in a good mood because of the movie though. I think I would love it if the good guy still solves the problem without everything in his world getting messed up, but maybe I wouldn't have as much of a strong feeling later on in the movie if it didn't.

Something else that made me realize that I loved the movie is that there are always things that bother me a lot in movies. This includes little girls who think they are soooooooo cooool and act all rude and bad A word, but the girl was nice and I thought she was freaking awesome, girls that fight kinda bother me in the first place anyway, but she didn't at all, total opposite.

See, right here looks like exactly what I would hate, but I didn't.

I hate when bad guys do a bad job, but they did a good job even with their jokes.

I hate when the girlfriend gets in the way and causes so much trouble for the good guy. Oh, and I hate when the girlfriend gets mad at the boyfriend for being a good guy or just for nothing cause that's all they do in real life.

I hate torture on good guys, but again it might have made me have stronger feelings in the end.

I like martial arts with guns.

I hate friends with bad jokes or who act over the toppy, but the two friends did well.

Only thing it was missing was me getting tricked like in Lucky Number Sleven.

The End.

PS. I took two dumps while writing this at work.

PSS. Saw Gab at the theater, and he sneaked into Date Night and Kick Ass. Don't tell his mom.

On MSN: Dirty Stuff in Your House

Towels: They absorb more than just water

Whenever you use a washcloth, hand towel, or bath towel, skin cells slough off your body and stick to the fabric. Those cells serve as food for bacteria, Tierno says. Plus, bacteria thrive in the damp, densely woven material, which has lots of nooks and crannies for them to hide in. As you reuse towels, these bacteria can transfer back to you and cause skin infections. "If you have any kind of wound, you may be infecting yourself with whatever is on the towel," says Elizabeth Scott, Ph.D., co-director of the Simmons College center for hygiene and health.

Your cleanup: Scott suggests washing your bath towel at least weekly if you're the only person using it, and using fresh towels daily if you share. Anything that gets soaked—like a washcloth—should be washed after every use. And don't forget about guest towels; wash them every time you have visitors. Who knows where those people have been?

I kind of only care about towels and sheets and stuff like that, and I still wouldn't wash them that much. Not like I'm getting sick everyday either, but they make it sound kinda gross though.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


cooler than me - mike posner
hatin' on me - jeremih

Friday, April 16, 2010

Look Up: Cholesterol Again

Still makes me mad when I hear eggs are bad for you, but it's not like I'm a scientist, so I'm gonna look for more info.

Is dietary cholesterol bad for you?
"How cholesterol and fat in food affect blood levels
The types of fat in the diet determine to a large extent the amount of total and LDL cholesterol in the bloodstream. Cholesterol in food matters, too, but not nearly as much."
The Rockefeller University Study
A study performed in the mid 1990s at Rockefeller University (New York, USA) concluded that eating steamed shrimp raised blood cholesterol levels when compared with a low-cholesterol diet. However, the shrimp diet raised levels of HDL (the "good" cholesterol) more than it increased levels of LDL (the "bad" cholesterol"), and the resulting HDL to LDL ratio was favorable. Triglycerides were also lower on this diet when compared to an egg-based diet with equal amounts of cholesterol.

Mayne hold up.
Sounds really unprofessional but was just a little experiment, and the results say eggs in the diet lowers some cholesterol reading where above 4 is high.

Cool Beans

Best part in Hot Rod

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Help: Are 5 Hour Energy Drinks Bad?

Can't search right now, but if anyone wants to do some research, I want to know.


Bulletproof - la roux

Look Up: Post Work Out

What happens if I don't eat right after working out?;jsessionid=9C3C597F0451B51D24268107EEBB44BA-hf.hydra
How can you believe anyone? Everyone thinks they're smarter than the next guy. Anyway I liked this article, and here are some points from it:

Ten Take Home Points

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Look Up: Napping

Are naps good for you?
Sounds like power napping is the greatest thing ever

Bout to do it right quick then update

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cool Outfits at the Office

I'll try to recreate the outfits I see here at the office on patients.

Older black lady was wearing this yesterday:

postponed, this is what happened

me: dumb
just made one
jessicamtsao: and then?
me: and copied over my clipboard copy
with this
jessicamtsao: to the blog?
me: no
the computer's copy storage
you know
jessicamtsao: never used clipboard
me: nooo
that's just what it's called
jessicamtsao: oh
me: when you control c
i dunno stupid pcs
jessicamtsao: well cant u just save it
me: i could have
me: but i thought i was just gonna paste it right quick
jessicamtsao: well hurry i wanna see
me: i'm not gonna make it again
it's dangerous
stupid looking
to have on mmy screen
jessicamtsao: hahahahah
true that


ok here's a shirt on an old black lady:

Look up: Stomach Ulcers etc.

What causes ulcers in the stomach?
Some chump bacteria causes them, not spicy food, alcohol, or stress. That stuff just makes them worse.

What causes acid reflux disease?
I heard webmd is not a reliable source, but anyway here's a list of stuff that causes it.

Is webmd a reliable source?
Just partnered with the FDA:

"But the commissioner stopped short of saying that the partnership signifies FDA’s endorsement of WebMD as the most reliable source where consumers should turn for medical information.

“I don’t think this should be construed as FDA putting a seal of approval on WebMD,” he said. “I think it is construed as WebMD putting a portal of opportunity … Where there are other portals and opportunities to do that, we will pursue that as well.”

Monday, April 12, 2010

Logo Edit

Philip has done it again. He got his hands on some stamps at work and here are his new and improved logos. I'm not feeling the pi looking logos, but I am feeling the stamps. I asked him to sneak the stamp sets out of work, 'cause you know those things are cool. I don't know why he had to stamp them a million times and all crooked too, but you know, not everyone can do things as neatly as me. Psych.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Parking Lot Rules

There are a couple of parking tactics for finding a spot when the school lot is too full. First, you can park your car in a specific lane and hope that someone from that lane leaves, then you just turn on your blinker and ease your way in. Easy. Only rule to that one is you can't get in a lane if someone is already there. Second tactic is that you wait by the entrance of the art building and wait for people to walk out. You drive up to them with your window down and solicit them into riding in your car as you drive them to their spot. This one is a time-saver, but I'm always uneasy about doing it 'cause it's kind of creepy. The small-talk is another reason it's not as appealing. There usually isn't much to talk about and it's usually about my seat-belt beeping 'cause none of them put it on when they get in. "Man, isn't that beeping annoying?!? It's ok though, you don't need to put it on, 'cause I'm sure your car is super close." Really interesting conversations.

So one time last semester, I was driving around looking for a spot. Nothing was happening. No one walking out, every freaking lane taken. I was really getting upset 'cause I hate driving around in circles making eye contact with the losers who are staked out in the lanes over and over and over again. I finally see this guy standing among the parked cars, looking all confused and stuff. He probably even scratched his head. Really awkward looking, young, skinny white guy. Big backpack. You know the kind. I pull up next to him and I'm like, "Hey! Can I give you a ride to your car?" He doesn't even turn around to acknowledge me, so I keep at it. "Hi. Helllllo? Let me give you a ride!" Nothing. So I honked a little honk. He finally turns around and I'm like waving at him to look at me. He walks over and I ask him again if he needs a ride. He starts talking and says he can't remember where he parked and also that he's deaf. I'm like, WHOA. He talks so gooood. Super impressed. He gets in the car and I start driving around. He puts on his seat belt. I ask him what kind of car he has ( a Jeep), what color is it (green), if he remembers parking far or close (doesn't know). We make small talk as I circle the lot and he tells me he's studying technology, IT stuff. I tell him he's really good at talking, and he tells me he's also really good at lip-reading. So my face is always slightly turned towards him as I'm driving. I bet I looked dumb and I bet he gets that look a lot. Anyway, we keep circling and I'm like, dude, where the hell is his car??? I see other spots opening up, and this is taking way too long. He sees me eyeballing all these available parking spaces, and he tells me to just take one and he'll walk around to find his car. Sweet. I pull into one and I'm all like concerned, "Are you sure???", "I mean it's cool to keep looking.", "I feel bad." He insists, so...yay. He gets out of the car and we start walking away. I turn around all smiling big, and I go: "DUDE!!! Use your car alarm button!" (I am accentuating my mouth for each word and I'm doing whole the pressing an imaginary car alarm button thing with my hands). He says back, "I'm deaf!"

I'm smart. Wish I had the annoying seat-belt beeping conversation with him too. Then I'd be double smart.

Google: Leg Press a Good Workout?

Last second look up at work. I guess I knew the answer before reading some stuff. This is a good one.
The world's lamest workout.

Lost Memories

Sounds like the worst movie ever, but it's real life. Server broke on Monday, so no computer or internet till right now. All this junk I thought of posting for my diary all week is gone. I guess I'll list some stuff I did all week that took the place of the stuff I usually do, like blog about my ideals.

- One day while everyone was in the kitchen eating lunch, I started balling up scratch paper in the office area and trying to shoot the paper into different trash cans. I wanted to take a picture of this one I was trying to throw it into because it was under a desk, so I had to fast ball it from across the room to make it.

- The Sunny 99.1 commercial for WalMart Hot to Train Your Dragon stuff is good. Hoser water.

- Spent a third of a day trying to remember how to make an origami box, which was a success.

- Had at least one thing I wanted to look up on the internet that I had remembered wanting to look up at least three times, but can't think of it right now.

- I have a stamp making kit that I found in my desk when the lady I replaced retired. When I found it, I was like dang, I'm gonna make some stamps one day. Made one that said Dunkeytower inc. Prestige Worldwide. Jessica will scan the post it note that I stamped on.

- Fixed the fax machine

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Novel About Nothing

I’m downtown right now, at the TABC department, waiting to get OK-ed for a liquor license. It’s in a federal building, so there are a bunch of weird people here. You have to get ID-ed to come in, then wear a badge in order to get around. They have job fairs here all the time for ex convicts and the likes. Anyway, I’m in the lobby waiting to get called and there’s this chick in front of me. She’s Jamaican and older, awesome accent,and her voice is raspy and whispery, big hair, cheetah print dress on, necklace with what look like animal teeth. She walks up to the middle of the lobby, takes off her shoes; no, just kinda kicks them off, and puts her purse down in the middle and starts rummaging through it. She takes out her paperwork and goes up to the counter. She just leaves everything in the middle! I find that interesting. The shoes, not a big deal, but her purse? Just wide open, wallet is freaking sticking out. Sounds like she's applying for a liquor license too. She just finished and walked back put her shoes on, I look at her and smile because she’s interesting. She smiles back and says, “Some peepuh ignorant! I’m ready to go home and showah!” I guess I don’t have much to blog about. I’m just super bored waiting around, so I'm just writing about whatever to keep myself busy. Sorry for your suffering!

The Federal Building is not where I usually go to get permitting done for work, which is more near midtown. It’s deep downtown so the parking really sucks. Last time I was here I paid twenty stinking dollars to park in a lot that was a million blocks away. Luckily this time I found some street parking. I had to parallel park, but it was on a one-way street so the spot was on my left. That’s kind of counter-intuitive since I usually back in to parking spots going towards the right. Man, this post is REALLY getting interesting. What I’m trying to get at is that I hate when boys think girls can’t drive. And I wish I was on that episode of Tosh.O where he tested women on parallel parking.

Man, I wish they had free wi-fi all over Houston, or at least downtown. I could be so much more entertained if I had the world at my fingertips. Sucks for Philip because his work hasn’t had Internet for the past two days. I feel detached because I haven’t been chatting with him about what we usually chat about, which is really nothing.

Oh my gosh… still waiting. There’s a cute baby sitting next to me. You think parents get annoyed when strangers want to play with their babies? I can never tell when it’s ok. But I like to play with babies and kids all the time. That’s why it was cool teaching “gymnastics” with Chris back in the day. You just played with 3 year olds all day long. The only sucky part was putting the equipment away. I loathed it. When I first started that job, I was embarrassed because we had to lead the kids in group exercise. I felt weird the first times I did it and I felt even weirder watching Coach Robbie teach it to me (he is the owner of the gymnastics program. I want to talk about him later). The worst one was the donkey kicks. Butterfly stretches weren’t so bad because at least butterflies don’t make sounds. I remember making a cheat sheet because I couldn’t remember all the darn animals I was supposed to act like. I’m pro now though. Hee haw, Hee haw.

You know how in book and movies, when they portray a character so well, you’re like, “Damn! I KNOW that guy.” And because you know that guy, it’s funny to you? Well, Coach Robbie is Ned Flanders. He’s better looking and not as dorky, but everything else is uncanny. He has got to be the nicest man in the world, but that’s weird to me. He’s so nice and wholesome that I always felt weird talking to him; like I have to watch everything I say and only bring up things about Disney movies, his kids and the weather. Oh man, we talked about the weather A LOT. Painful. Maybe that’s why I hated putting up the equipment so much; because it was one on one time, lugging equipment while making small talk. One day when we were putting up mats, he told me about his wonderful morning. He said (this is summarized), "After I dropped the kiddos off (he has FIVE kids) this morning, I walked back to the van and looked inside and saw a ladybug flying around in there. I caught it and let the darned thing go! I'm going to have to remember to tell the kiddos about that one!" It really made his morning. I could tell. Oh, and for Christmas he bought me a book about how to be a good Christian. Then he invited me over for bible study. Nice guy.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Office Happenings: Server Broke, No Computers

That was the worst day ever at work. No computers, and I'm not gonna blog while not at work. That's kinda gay. Just did, no homo dough.


I have to type this out before I forget. The boss lady is 60 something, and the subject of being too old to know the music that's Hansel (so hot right now). So, she's talking to the other ladies in the office, and she's saying she has this grand kid that plays the same song over and over. She was like, "Oh, there's that one that goes something something Starbucks, I'm dazing, she was so amazing." I'm just sitting there, then I say, "It's Baby,,, by Justin Beiber."


Monday, April 5, 2010

Office Happenings: Super Awesome Beeping

Came in to work today, and after like 30 minutes a loud high pitched beeping starts in the front of the room right in our faces. There's a bunch of machines over in that area, so I start pointing my ear towards each machine. It felt really weird cause I kept getting that doppler effect where it sounded like I was getting farther away every time I moved from the middle of all the machines. I get the ladder cause we think it might be the smoke detector

(Pause in the story cause boss lady is telling me to try something to fix it.)

Anyway, it didn't work, and it's the server. Story was gonna be long and boring. I'm sure you guys already know the sound I'm talking about because you guys know servers. I don't know if it's the fans, overheating, or voltage, or what, but I think we're just gonna have it beeping all day. Man pretend you left your alarm on all day, that's what it's like right now. So everyone except the doctor is scared to let me try to stop it including me, but only because they're making me scared to try. The doctor's like let the computer whiz try to fix it.

I had to bring this old guy who was super weak to the ER just now. I cannot be a nurse or anything dealing with people. I'm super awkward and scared to touch strangers even to help them into wheelchairs and beds. This guy was getting off a bed into a wheelchair, and he almost fell off onto the ground, but the doctor was watching and caught him. I was barely holding him. I suck. When I dropped him off, I had to suck it up and pick him up and put him in the lobby in a chair. I couldn't think of a sign off or like a don't worry they'll be right with you kinda thing. I just walked off with the wheelchair.

Last thing. It's weird answering the phones at geriatric doctor's office. Calls are like this. "Dr. Grainger's office." "Hey, yeah, um I went to the potty and there was blood in my urine/I have diarrhea, can I see the doctor today?"

Friday, April 2, 2010


The previous posts of my mom's e-mails were from last year when she was visiting Taiwan. After she came back she decided she wanted to improve her English, so she enrolled in an intensive English program at Rice University. I'm really proud of her 'cause she did really well, and her English has definitely improved since then. Darn. It's getting rare to catch those good mistakes. Thankfully, she still has her days.

Dear Family,
Thank you Jeff, I received your worm message from face book, I will take care my self safely.

I call daddy every day, he was moping the floor when I call him tonight, because Cooper pppp and POOOOO on the floor, hehehehe...

So... my brother sent her a worm message, now she has a virus.
Also, when I first read that Cooper had PPPP and POOOOO-ed, I thought she was saying he farted (PPPPPft) and poo-ed. But really she was just saying that he pee pee pee peed. Lots of small pees and one big poooooooo. Because of these events, my dad was very sad and moping at the floor.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Office Happenings: Topeka

This is copy and pasted verbatim, which is a word that I just learned cause Jessica taught me it. Psychadilly, shoot, no way she knows more words than me. Jessica please comment with a word game that you've beat me in. Thanks in advance.

: man
indian lady next to me
was like why is it topeka
and then she clicked on it
and was like oh they're just fooling everyone
Jessica: smart lady
me: and she's so excited
and she's telling everyone she knows
Jessica: hahahahah
me: she called her husband
3:15 PM Jessica: she's cool
me: and was like aww man i wanted to fool you!
and then she got off the phone
and was like hey marilyn
you know google changed their named to topeka
and my autn's like whaaaa?!
they changed their name to tapioca?!
but with the filipiino accent big time
i'll say it to you later
Jessica: if u can
your accents
aren't that good
3:16 PM me: gonna copy and paste this as an office happenings post
Jessica: ok


If you had to use negative words to describe yourself, what would it be?

I would say there are many times that I feel obnoxious, annoying and crude. I have foot-in-mouth syndrome quite often too. I apologize in advance.

So yeah, yeah, it's April Fool's Day. I looooove April Fool's Day. It just feels like a fun day even though nothing special really ever happens. I'm the opposite of Philip. I would love to get tricked today, or any other day, really. I like practical jokes and magic tricks. I guess I just like the element of surprise even if the joke is on me.

Like, the other day at Kroger, we were checking out in the self check-out counter and I tried to scan the rotisserie chicken i bought, but it wasn't working. The plastic felt all greasy, so I just kept re-scanning it until the worker came to help me. He scanned it too, and it didn't work for him either, so he said, "Oh, actually I think these are free today." His acting was good and it just seemed like a genuine statement. I didn't even miss a beat with my excited, "Really?!?!" Philip told him that he got me good. Super fun. Play more jokes on me.

So there are some times when I think of playing jokes on people too. They're usually really dumb, but it amuses me, so whatever. Yesterday in preparation for April Fool's Day, I changed my voice mail to the "Hello? Oh hey, what's up? Wait, I can't hear you. Speak up. Helllloooooo? Helllllloooo?" thing and I know it's old and everyone's done it before, but it always works. And I know the feeling you get after you get duped for something dumb like that, so that's why I did it.

I texted my friends to call me cause I had big news to tell them.

Here are my friend's responses.
"Wow. Really?"
"You are so gay."
"Lol. I actually said Hello. Idiot."
"Ha ha. very funny jokester."
"That is stupid."
"OMG. Ur so gayyyyy."
"Ha. Funny."
"damn you. damn youuuuuu."
"you r so gay."
"You're stupid."


April Fool's Day

I don't like April Fool's Day cause I don't like being tricked. Sometimes it sucks for a second, but then it feels kinda fun. Most of the time it's not fun for the tricked.

Also, I don't like it cause I feel like it's just an excuse for people who think they're funny to try extra hard to be funny for a day.

For example, call jessica's phone today. That's not actually an example of the previous line cause she's funny,,, to girls. I hate on the three periods for some reason.

Multivitamins Look Up

Was looking up what foods you should eat with your multivitamins to maximize absorption. Can't find anything yet, but came across this article that I'm skeptical about mostly because I don't want to believe it.
Says that tablet form vitamins have their vitamins mostly destroyed by stomach acids unless they're protected by some expensive stuff. Say it isn't so.

Googled if multivitamins were a waste.,-The-Bad-and-The-Ugly&id=15318
Sounds like you have to spend money if you want stuff that works.

Everything conflicts, and I don't know who to trust cause you know everyone's trying to sell junk, the other side just sounds like haters trying to sell something else.


Natural vs Synthetic Vitamins
Can't really tell if they're better or not cause usually they're molecularly the same, but the author says liquid vitamins absorb 5X better

Also, I just asked the doctor what he thought about multivitamins. He said, "Good for you, especially vitamin D because it's the only one proven to be beneficial. The rest are just suggestive." He also said I didn't need the calcium yet.

I used to feel like I shouldn't pee after taking vitamins or something, but it doesn't matter cause once it's pee, then you can't absorb those nutrients anymore anyway, or can you?