Monday, June 27, 2011

2 weekends

Friday the 17th. Drove up to Austin after work for Rex and Maria's wedding. Hung out w/ my cousin Diana, her fiance Jeff and my other cousin Michael. We met up at her place and had some drinks. Jeff made Philip a couple of Malibu pineapples. Didn't know what to do for the night, so I ended up calling my brother Jeffrey. He told us to go to his place on campus to play beer pong. Diana and Jeff haven't "college partied" in awhile, but they were so down. Went to Walmart to get cups and ping pong balls. Showed up and took a bunch of shots. Jeff Jackson danced a lot, Diana cleaned Jeffery's bathroom. Jeffrey invited two of his girl friends over and they were young. Took a bunch of shots w/ them...Wild Turkey and bad tequila. Gross. Showed the kids up in beer pong though. Everyone was already drunk and one of the girls put a bunch of bottles of beer into a pan and brought it into Jeffrey's room to play King's Cup. No one played. Michael and the other girl, Vy made a bunch of eggs w/ weird ingredients. Michael made himself eggs with Sriracha and Nutella and he sat on the edge of Jeffrey's bed getting ready to put the first bite in his mouth..."American Boy" came on the laptop, and I raised my arms up to sing to it, flipped his plate over, all over the floor and bed. Ended up sleeping at Jeffrey's place on his futon. Had to do it college-y all the way. Woke up and went back to Diana's. Jeff showed us the "gun comb" thing from China. It's a comb in the shape of a gun, and said something like, "made for those who want to end it all, but are too scared." I'm bad at quoting things.
We tried to get lunch at a place called Austin Java, but went to the wrong one first. It was integrated with a pharmacy. Really weird. Found the real place, way cooler. Sat outside even thought it was hot as hell. Michael brought his nice camera to take engagement photos of Jeff & Diana and ended up taking some of me and Philip. We talked about how Jeff used to have hair as long as mine... and other stuff. Philip needed khakis for Maria's outdoor wedding, so we followed Jeff to Ross. He found some perfect khakis and I went to Christian Family to buy a wedding card for Maria and Rex, since there were no other stores around. Drove to our hotel. Weird lady in lobby with her dog and wanted to talk to everyone about everything. Thought we might have booked the wrong hotel for the wedding guests, but then I saw Nikki, a friend of Maria's. Took a quick nap, got ready and waited for the bus to take us to Dripping Springs. The venue was pretty nice. It was at Rex's parent's ranch which had a chapel, a bunch of small cabins, an outdoor bar and a big gazebo. The wedding guests were half Columbian and half Harvard... and me and Philip. Super small wedding... about 50 people. The chapel looked like the chapel from Kill Bill and the flower girl and ring bearer were Rex's dogs. Ceremony was short and sweet. Went back to the bar and Philip tried to go hard w/ Courvoisier. Then he saw Rex's dad order a Sidecar and thought it looked all fruity and delicious, except it was not. It was ridiculously strong. Apparently it was Rex's mom's favorite drink. The food was the bomb. Speeches were good too. We sat w/ Pedro, Brian and some of Rex's college friends. Pedro talked about physics for awhile and Brian went on about archaeology. I don't remember what Philip and I talked about, but it was probably pretty cool. Drank more after dinner and hung out w/ everyone. This pretty cool dude (who Philip and I thought would not be cool, but turned out to be super nice) fell in a cactus and had a bunch of thorns stuck in his arm. Philip and his girl tried to pick them out, but there were a million invisible ones still in there. They were swelling up and stuff. I tried to smoke a cigar w/ the old man with the Master's jacket on, but I couldn't do it. We got back on the party bus and there were two bottles of Dripping Springs vodka being passed around. So gross. Everyone was chugging out of it though. Killed both bottles by the time we got back to the hotel. Decided to go downtown even though it was 1:15 am already. Everyone met in the lobby and walked from 1st street to 6th. On the way there we lost Natalia. (I recently checked Facebook, and she is ok.) We got to The Driskill and tried to get inside, but the hotel dudes wouldn't let all of us, so we just hung out on the curb. Got late, so some people took a cab, but me and Philip decided to walk back. We were supposed to check out at 11, but didn't leave til 1 something. Beat the system. Met up with my bro to eat at Madam Mam's. Drove back to Houston to make it to Derek and Tiffany's wedding. Changed at my house, drove to Hotel Derek (so clever, Derek). Parents were at the wedding. Took the best photobooth pics ever. Tried to get our drink on, but we got shafted...twice. Hung out there for a little bit then went back to Philips and decided to go bowling up north. Jannette came w/ us and Rex and his church friends met us up. End of the weekend.

Thursday, June 23.
Planned game night at my place. Donna, her roommate Arthur, his girlfriend Tisa, Norm and Miles came over. Walked to Pink's to get some pizza, walked to corner store to get some Grolsh. Cranium-ed, Taboo-ed and played some other trivia game. Philip came over after volleyball. Arthur tried to make some kind of weird bomb with my kitchen utensils... someone accidentally said Crub Clanium... For Taboo, Miles said "stupid bands throw these stupid things"... the answer was 'baton'.

Friday, epic night.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011


Missed out on a whole lotta blogging. Great, 'cause now we'll never remember those weekends.
We've still been having fun.
Magic School Bus Party.
Ok, spring break.
Thursday 3/10: Start of spring break, but I hadn't slept for 24 hours because I was turning in all of my projects. So I made Philip stay home w/ me.
Friday: Marshall's for dress shoes for Philip. Pre-party and dinner at Hai/Ramon's. Then Fox Hollow for Albert & Lisa's engagement. Then after-party at Brit John's. Philip cut his thumb. Woke up next morning and I hit phil's car.
Saturday: Met at John's. Vicki brought him cupcakes. Belvedere. Then afterparty at John's. Texting mishap.
Sunday: Stayed in and watched a million things on TV. Fab Five Documentary & Secret Millionaire. Mac and Cheese.
Monday: Bowling Finals. Second place. Trophy. Went back up north after bowling was over and went to Fox & Hound w/ K.Rex and Art (who bought us Irish Car Bombs). Played darts, ran into Tommy.
Tuesday: Philip came over after work. Went to Brixx. Juan, Jenn & other folks were there. A black girl with the hugest butt ever. After Brixx, we went to Mainstage cause that's where everyone was. I know Philip wanted to go to Roxy so bad instead.
Wednesday: Philip met my parents for the first time at Pappasito's. Went well. Mom got drunk off one margarita. I had to drive her home, and Philip followed. Philip got embarrassed about his car. My dad asked PHilip if he eats snakes. Philip and I decide to have a beer pong party at the office; since there's a ping pong table upstairs. We get the beer and my bro and Alison meet us. Punishment on YouTube to watch whatever winner picks.
Thursday: Grand Prize. Philip was pouty cause he was sooo hungry. We left to go to Wendy's. Then Poison Girl. Then Kinneally's. Then the Harp.
Friday: Jury duty. Sat around all day. Souper Salad. Wheel of Fortune online for drinks. Rockets game for Philip while I napped. then Rudz at 1AM for old time's sake. They still remembered us.
Saturday: Wedding. Then we went to Grand Prize w/ Wendy and Wes. Lasted there for awhile. Came back to my place. Philip is adamant that we did something between Grand Prize and my place, but I don' t think it's true.
Sunday: Kim Son w/ Philip's family. Then bw3 with Miles for the Rocket's game. Weird waiter. We got some hats and some pint glasses.