Monday, March 28, 2011


Missed out on a whole lotta blogging. Great, 'cause now we'll never remember those weekends.
We've still been having fun.
Magic School Bus Party.
Ok, spring break.
Thursday 3/10: Start of spring break, but I hadn't slept for 24 hours because I was turning in all of my projects. So I made Philip stay home w/ me.
Friday: Marshall's for dress shoes for Philip. Pre-party and dinner at Hai/Ramon's. Then Fox Hollow for Albert & Lisa's engagement. Then after-party at Brit John's. Philip cut his thumb. Woke up next morning and I hit phil's car.
Saturday: Met at John's. Vicki brought him cupcakes. Belvedere. Then afterparty at John's. Texting mishap.
Sunday: Stayed in and watched a million things on TV. Fab Five Documentary & Secret Millionaire. Mac and Cheese.
Monday: Bowling Finals. Second place. Trophy. Went back up north after bowling was over and went to Fox & Hound w/ K.Rex and Art (who bought us Irish Car Bombs). Played darts, ran into Tommy.
Tuesday: Philip came over after work. Went to Brixx. Juan, Jenn & other folks were there. A black girl with the hugest butt ever. After Brixx, we went to Mainstage cause that's where everyone was. I know Philip wanted to go to Roxy so bad instead.
Wednesday: Philip met my parents for the first time at Pappasito's. Went well. Mom got drunk off one margarita. I had to drive her home, and Philip followed. Philip got embarrassed about his car. My dad asked PHilip if he eats snakes. Philip and I decide to have a beer pong party at the office; since there's a ping pong table upstairs. We get the beer and my bro and Alison meet us. Punishment on YouTube to watch whatever winner picks.
Thursday: Grand Prize. Philip was pouty cause he was sooo hungry. We left to go to Wendy's. Then Poison Girl. Then Kinneally's. Then the Harp.
Friday: Jury duty. Sat around all day. Souper Salad. Wheel of Fortune online for drinks. Rockets game for Philip while I napped. then Rudz at 1AM for old time's sake. They still remembered us.
Saturday: Wedding. Then we went to Grand Prize w/ Wendy and Wes. Lasted there for awhile. Came back to my place. Philip is adamant that we did something between Grand Prize and my place, but I don' t think it's true.
Sunday: Kim Son w/ Philip's family. Then bw3 with Miles for the Rocket's game. Weird waiter. We got some hats and some pint glasses.