Sunday, May 30, 2010


So, I looked up lyrics to "Fresh Dressed Like a Million Bucks" and there's one line that says,

"I tip on the scene, too clean
Fresh to death in the earth tone Miskeen
Face on the shirt, partner, the mug on mean"

Philip turns to me and says, "Hey what's the notebook that white people like?"

I said, "Moleskine!"

Not MISKEEN. Then he looked up Miskeen.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


So I was "interviewed" for the AIGA design blog, and I went to read the comments today. Philip commented with a snarky remark ("you are funny") and here is what transpired:

me: i just saw ur AIGA comment. i'm going to kill u one day
or, even worse, one day i'll stop being funny and you'll die

philip: i feel like i'm dying right now
that must explain it


Over - Drake
All Night Long - Drake
Oh - Ciara

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Just had my first real interview ever. Went pretty good. Lasted from 9 to 11, but all I did was talk to Tito Phil for like an hour, then he introduced me to a bunch of engineers. Then we went to HR to fill out some papers.

Met Jessica for lunch at Thai Cottage. Now I'm back at the doctor's office. Told them that I ate lunch with the interviewer cause then that woulda been a long interview.

I guess I'll let the blog know if I got it or not.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Recap

Another summer weekend gone. Still trying to do it big to make up for the up-coming semester. I guess the best solution for that is to take a nice, long vacation. I just don't have the motivation to plan anything yet. Been thinking about San Fransisco, LA or Taiwan. In that order.

Let's see... on Thursday Philip came over after work and we hung out for like half an hour before he had to leave to meet his parents and his aunt and uncle for dinner at Kim Son. They were having a dinner to discuss the engineering lead he got from his uncle. I kept telling Philip to stay for a little bit longer 'cause I'm psychic and I knew he wouldn't be late. Dinner was supposed to be at 6 (It took me like 45 minutes to get there, so I got there at 6:15, but when I called my dad he said they were still at home. Dumb. Sat inside putting numbers into my new phone lookin' like a dummy. Oh yeah, I've never thought Kim Son or Tay Do were ever that good. It's like how we've been feeding this cat outside Jessica's house, and it doesn't like this food we got that is a dollar more. It loves the dollar less food, so I think it's like if you give me a bunch of caviar I'm not gonna finish it, but if you give me a bunch of McDonald's that stuff will be scarftown USA.) Anyway, he leaves, and I do some grocery shopping and eat Quiznos, which I was excited about 'cause I got the Prime Rib and Peppercorn which I had gotten a million times before and it's so delicious- thinly sliced beef covered in cheese with grilled onions. I'm only mentioning this because when I got home and opened it, FAILURE. They gave me some chopped beef bs and hardly ANY cheese (I'm thinking that it should be HARDLY ANY or HARDLY any.) I begrudgingly ate it. Soon afterward, a couple of my classmates came by so we could go to bingo. Philip said he was unhappy about this classmates-outing because he was the one who showed me bingo, but really it was Nikko who got it from Kathleen, so yeah (Not even. I was just mad cause I didn't get to hang out.). The bingo hall was packed. The guy at the front said it was at max capacity and we could only get in if we had friends who saved us seats. Luckily my friend Miles and Bobbie were there, but they didn't have seats for us (Bobbie is a guy). We ended up finding chairs from the cafeteria and bringing them to the stage and using the stage as a table. They ran out of doppers (I think it's dabbers or dobbers) too, and I only had one of them so between 3 people we shared one dopper. Made it so much more stressful.
After bingo, we went to Meteor to watch my friend Aike perform in the Houston Pride Idol contest. This was the second week and it's gonna go on for about 5 more weeks. Each week one person gets booted off and you vote by texting for your favorite singer. I'm trying to make it point to go every week 'cause he definitely deserves to win. Plus, all the contestants are gay, so they put on a pretty good show (I've never heard him sing, but I want to support him, but it's too gay for me).

On Friday, Philip and I got off work a little earlier than usual so we could meet Sam at my house to catch a ride to Austin. Philip's friend was graduating and all of them wanted to party together. We get to Austin at like 8 something and we eat at Chipotle and buy beer and play beer pong at Johnny's apartment. The beer pong table was missing a middle leg, so they stacked a bunch of crap underneath it: a bag of paper plates, a crock pot, a box of water. Didn't look too stable. It worked though (I bet Jessica loves hanging out with MacGyver. The MacGyver Mythbusters episode was pretty good). Me and Philip were on a team and we were undefeated for like 4 rounds; maybe more, but I don't remember because I was elated (She kept surprisingly making stuff while I threefered and hit last cup). I think I have finally proven my skills at not only darts and pool but also beer pong. Go ahead Philip, say something (I hate what your hand does on the follow-through, and your hands might be going to your hips right after shooting, which looks really cool). After awhile we get ready to go out to 6th street. We go to all these clubby places and stay at each one for a little bit. I have to pee at every single one we go to, and we leave pretty much immediately after I'm done, so that's how long we stay (Don't remember doing anything at any of the places except walking around and maybe someone buying a round). End up at this young, Asian club called Latitude which we went to the last time I was in Austin (All Asians end up here at the end of the night). I don't remember doing much there except ordering some drinks, going to the bathroom, Philip telling me he sees Joseph, and I think it's him too, but we walk up close and turns out it's just his twin (Man, I'm drunk, and I big time think it's him, so I yell his name out and then get closer and yell it kinda in his face, but then when he squares his face to me I realized it's not him, and I just walk away like I wasn't super embarrassed). I meet Philip's co-worker Neza for the first time. She happens to be partying for her brother's graduation too. Small world (She said Jessica was really pretty on Monday when I saw her at work. All I said was thanks. What are you supposed to say?).We ended up going to a karaoke place after (Austin Karaoke), but we never go inside. I think all of us sat on the curb outside for a good hour or so. It wasn't boring though. They had this Korean BBQ stand outside and I drunkedly whipped out my leftover money and told the guy to make me all the food he could for $20. It was meat on a stick on a bed of cabbage with Korean sauce drizzled all over it. So good (Pretty good, but when is stuff not good when you're drunk?). At one point I did go inside the karaoke bar to use the restroom, of course, and I run into all these old friends from Houston. That was kind of fun since I hadn't seen a lot of them for a good while. Oh yeah, for someeeee reason Philip was upset with me. He just kept pouting the whole time we were there and acting like he was mad, but I'm like, "what's the deal?" and his answer is, "I don't know why I'm mad, but I'm mad." (This part is true, I remember being mad that she was a punk, but I couldn't and still can't remember what she did that was punky). So then we knuckle up and I win cause I've been working out my thighs (I'm making the "good joke" face). We go back to Johnny's and the boys continue to party (Shotguns till 6 in the mo'nin' from darts bets, also Hamburger Helper noodles with Spam squares for a snack). I'm exhausted so I make a makeshift bed on the floor in an empty room with Philip's folded clothes. I formed a line the length of my body with his t-shirts and used his bag as a pillow. It was cold too, so I laid some of his tank tops on my exposed arms and legs. Then Philip gave me a blanket and I fell asleep. (The floor sucked cause it was wood, and there's no furniture cause he was moving out the next day, but that's how you get strong.)

Woke up and everyone sat in Johnny's room and recapped the night. There was a lot of farting, laughing and doorway pull-ups going on. I felt like I was in college again. Wait, I mean I felt like how I felt when my friends were in college again. (Watched some Mean Girls. Saw the part where she kicks the radio into the guys face from the stage when they're performing the Christmas song/dance thingy. She barely kicks it, but the next frame is the radio hitting him in the face super hard, you know what I'm talking about.)

Drove out to some far place to eat some flavorless Pho and drink some flavorless Thai tea. I liked the ride up there and the ride back to Johnny's place. Can't remember why. Oh yeah, I knew all the songs on the radio and it's also fun to sit in the backseat with Philip. Barf. Sorry (Apology accepted. We also ate with people that Johnny knew, but I also went to high school with. Small world again). We get back to Johnny's apartment and then it turns into NO FUN TIME 'cause he needs help moving (Tricksters, bring me up there to party. Psyche, move my stuff). Everyone kinda just sits there, not wanting to do anything, pushing things around. I keep thinking I got tricked into a "vacation" when really, I have to put in manual labor to pay for the fun I had on Friday. The boys start moving the heavy stuff and I invent functional ways to move large amounts of clothes (So Jessica loops one of his belts around a bunch of hanger hooks with his shirts on them. When she hands them to Johnny his arms get all shaky, the kind where you're trying to pour from a really heavy jug. It's super funny cause Jessica's super weak, and she was holding it pretty smoothly). I was scared I was going to find something gross in his closet but I didn't. Philip and I start getting bored and we're waiting for Sam to get back from switching out his car at his parents' house. We end up walking to the corner store to look for some fun. I buy a big Blue Moon and Philip buys a Maxx energy/alcoholic beverage which tastes like butt(hole). We also get two scratch-offs, some beef jerky and some sour tape candy. Philip's scratch off wins $2, and I win nothing. I knew from the moment we bought them, that his was the winning one, but I let him have it because I knew he was sad from feeling like he was wasting his Saturday (Thanks, can you just buy them from now on, now that you can tell if they're gonna win or not?). We drive back to Houston and make a million stops because first I had to use the bathroom and Philip wanted to cash in his huge winnings, second- because Sam and Philip wanted to get some alcohol before 9 so we stopped in Smithville and third- because Sam was getting sleepy and needed an energy drink. We get back to my house and start getting ready for the night. Most of Philip's guy friends are in Houston this summer so they all came over to pre-drink before going out to Washington. They do all these challenges to see who can accomplish what, and the losers have to drink (Most of the challenges in the beginning are darts related. The guys are Charles, David, Dennis, Sam, and me. I'm the darts king, so I make everyone take a bunch of 1800 shots. David really wants Dennis to take 5 shots in a row for anything, so we think up more challenges. Sam makes up this challenge with masking tape. You take or make the other person take as many shots as how many wrap arounds of tape you break wrapped around your wrists. First one is two, which David takes on. I know he knows it's easy as we're taping it on, but he doesn't say anything. He stands up and charges up and explodes with energy. It was super easy. Two shots for Sam. No one wants to do anymore, so we move to chopsticks. A couple of people try to break two chopsticks with one hand, and no one can do it. Shots. Then Sam tries breaking just one, but can't even do one. Jessica tries it and does it super easy. Should be like a million shots for Sam). We finish off two bottles easy, and make it out to the The Lot. My girlfriends are all up there and we party, party, party. I didn't know The Lot attracted so many Asians, but you know how Asians take over everything. Saw a bunch of other people there like Philip's basketball league people. You end up making "friends" with everyone when you have some drinks in you (Haha everyone did really good jobs with making friends). We go back to my place and Sam and Dennis pass out quick on my couch.

(Me and Dennis have the playoffs in the morning at 10). Wake up the next morning to a nice surprise (I go to wake up Dennis, and there is a huge huge huge wet spot on the couch. When I tug on his shirt to wake him up, it's super soaked. He wakes up and says, "What the F am I doing here?" Then Sam starts laughing even though he's sleeping right next to him. Needless to say, He peed all over himself and the couch. We take pictures, and Sam uploads one).

Philip and Dennis head out to their bball game, and I get ready and meet them up there a little bit later (We lose in the Semis when we're probably the favorites to win the whole thing cause we're in the B bracket. Jason's team has a rep of being the best team in the league, including the A bracket, but since I joined the team last year we've lost a few starters). Jason's mom wanted to take their team to eat, so we all go to Fuddruckers up by 290 and me and Philip share a 1 pounder. Philip says a bunch of funny stuff and so he thinks we had a really good time (I didn't think we had a really good time, I just said that because I know you think it about your times). We finally get the burger and Philip finds two hairs in it (Usually I never complain about that stuff, but it was too gross this time. It looked like it was cooked into the bread dough cause we had to pull it out, not lift it up off the bun, plus it was crinkled and junk, not head hair). Then we go to Landry's for Timmy's graduation lunch (Too full to eat. See a bunch of kids I knew in middle school cause their friends with Timmy now). More stuff happens, but I have to wrap it up 'cause I gotta go downtown now! (Finishing it up. Good memory training right now cause I'm having trouble remembering what we did Sunday. After Timmy's thing we went to Best Buy to look for an iPod because Jessica lost hers, and I have a 65 dollar gift card. They're sold out. Then we go to Academy to get more flights for our darts. I go look at the shoes and find some nice Nikes. The isles are labeled like running, basketball, and training. I don't know what training means, but I'm guessing it means crosstraining. The shoes looked flat like weight lifting shoes though, so I wanted to get those. Since I'll be going hard on my legs in the weight room this summer, I might need to get some really stable shoes. Went to Jessica's, took a nap, watched tv, and then went home).


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stepbrothers Car Scene

I'm gonna have to save it with this solo

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Random Stuff to Remember

Some jerk came into the office today and made my aunt cry cause she was looking for his chart or something, but she was busy doing other stuff too. Anyway, I really wanted to say something to him, but I didn't know if it was ok since a lot of these people have mental problems or something.

Getting a new phone because it's only 5 dollars to add a line to my brother's and Marianne's plan. I'd pay them back, but wouldn't it feel weird to get five bucks from me every month? What's weird is that I saw my family plan bill this morning sitting on a tray table, and I've never seen it before in my life even though I've had the same plan for the past like 7 years. Coincidences freak me out.

I think I have a really fast fight or flight mechanism cause I get freaked out easily, and it goes super hard on me. Remember when that roach was on my shirt in the Philippines at Boracay? Dudicles. I can feel it right now giving me goosebumps.

Might get my first real job from Tito Phil at FMC. HR lady called me just now to fill out some junk so I can get an interview. Scared, and I guess I'm starting to feel relieved. Never had a real interview before. I get noticeably sweaty on my forehead when I get nervous.

Getting new workstations in the office this week. Looks like Dell monitors, don't know about the computers though. Too bad I'll be leaving soon. I'm gonna have to train some girl that is gonna be dumb I bet. I wrote everything down that I do kinda step by step in the beginning, but then I learned a bunch of better stuff over the past 5 months. I guess she'll have to do the same thing and learn as she goes. I didn't even know what a deductible was before I started here, or what the difference between Medicare and Medicaid. Did you know Medicare's deductible is $155? Still doesn't seem like the people that come here with Medicare can afford the 155 bucks. Also, I never ask who's calling, and a lot of times they're asking for info on patients including SS#'s and phone numbers and junk like that. Just gave someone's phone number right now without asking who wanted it.

Gonna try to touch rim sometime this year. Jessica said that sounds gay. I said you sound gay.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Recap

Probably long again cause I want to remember everything.

Started off with happy hour after work with Jessica and her friends at Toku next to Baker St. on Westheimer. $1.75 handrolls were pretty big. Had some sake and beer. Jessica is probably the funny one out of her girlfriends and probably of her art school friends, but when I'm around it kinda seems like no one laughs. Then she thinks I'm judging her cause she tells me of stories of everyone laughing at her jokes. (It's a fact.) I'm not judging her cause I'm sure it happens when I'm not around. (So weird that happens. I guess I have more fun when Philip is not around.) Anyway after all of her comments it would be a little quiet, then she'd look at me and get embarrassed and laugh, but they're a tough crowd cause it didn't seem like they knew what funny was anyway. The server said he'd split the check, but he said it was too hard. We were gonna split it ourselves, but then some people were just saying let's just split it evenly, but that's never fair usually. Last time we did this Jessica and I had to pay 35 each after splitting our entree. This time we just said let's split it for real cause in my head I already knew ours was less than what it would have been had we just split it straight. Kind of embarrassing to be the ones to say that we don't want to split it evenly, but I was mad last time I said that's fine and it was 70 freaking dollars for us when we shared the entree. (I'm usually OK with just doing the even split, cause I hate doing the math and checking which things I got off a long ass receipt. I'd rather go the easy route, but Philip was there and he's a math whiz, so he did it for me. Thanks.)

So, we're leaving, and it's raining pretty hard. Jessica has a really good spot straight across the entrance. She asks if I can get the car and bring it closer by maybe 10 feet, keep in mind that I'm not gonna be the one driving, so we have to somehow switch spots after I bring it over. I think it's dumb, but I do it anyway. When I try to back out there are two other cars backing out at the same time across from me and right next to me. (I'm watching him do this the whole time while waiting under the covered section with Wendy. I tell her, "Ohhhh, I bet he is so stressed out and mad right now." I know the feeling of backing out when other people are also backing out. You end up doing the whole reverse, then going back in your spot, then reversing again thing and it's super frustration. Plus add pouring rain to that.)Also, there's a car just trying to pass through. The car behind me backs out halfway and stops to let these people in, that's fine. Then the car's reverse lights turn off, and it just sits there. Now, they are dumb, and I hate them. When I finally get to back up there are those short yellow posts behind me, and I don't really know where they all are, plus it's raining hard so it's hard to see out the back windshield. I just wanted to back out and pick her up, but she just stood there, and I knew other cars were trying to back out or get through. Dumb, so I just go to the side where there's a covered walkway to use. Anyway, I get super annoyed that the dumb idea turned out to be a for real dumb idea. (I wasn't annoyed that he was annoyed. And I got picked up. I win.)

We get on our way to Jessica's to figure out what to do for the night, and earlier Sam and Mona say they would like to join us. Sam says I'll bring over my leftover tequila from last weekend, and Mona says I'll bring some blueberry vodka. Sounds like a lean night. Oh yeah, forgot to say that my dad's in Cali for some reunion thingy, and so I'm supposed to watch over my mom and junk. I'm like dang, what a damper on the weekend, but then she calls me earlier that day at work and says that she's riding with her friend to a far bridal party, and if her friend drinks too much they're just gonna stay there. Money. I like to trick Jessica into thinking I have to go home or do something sucky that'll ruin things, then bust her big time in a good way. Rollercoaster of emotions. (I never know when he is tricking me or not, 'cause he does it three times and finally the third trick is the truth. "So I don't have to go home tonight. Just kidding, I really do. Just kidding again.")

Sam and Mona get there, and we figure out that we're just gonna go to Rice Village cause there was a Facebook event saying people were going there. No one was at Brian O'neill's, so we finished our drinks on the patio to go to Baker St. across the street. I guess we're all already pretty drunk from the cool combination of tequila and blueberry vodka because we find two umbrella's and a pack of cigarettes out on the patio and take them. I think I remember having an umbrella in my hands, but I know I didn't end up with one. Also, Sam's probably pretty drunk cause instead of going straight across the street to Baker, he goes next door to Bronx Bar. On the way in, Jessica slips and almost falls. (Actually, I really do fall. It's those damned Tequila and Blueberry shots. The next day my arm and legs are all bruised up. I look like a statistic.) The bouncer walks over and says she can't go in, and I'm like it's ok she just slipped cause it's all wet and rainy. Don't remember the convo, but it felt longer than just one line, and by the end he's just like fine go ahead. The rest of the night is just input from the four of us the next day. At Bronx Bar I'm pretty sure I remember black guys trying to talk to Jessica and Monalisa. Also, Sam was dancing on a not so good looking girl, and Mona says she heard the girl say "Is that your girlfriend?" talking about Mona. She says yes, so I guess that ends that. But not for Sam is doesn't! Baby. He just keeps dancing with her. We get back to Jessica's and I remember Mona hugging the toilet, Sam and me maybe singing and dancing, and Jessica Sitting in the bathroom with Mona. Everyone passes out at Jess'. (Who is this Jessica Sitting girl? She sounds Native American.)

I wake up at like 8 something, and I only see Sam on the couch. When I check my phone, the text I see is, "Hety I left early this AM forba skeeping soot." She still doesn't know what she was trying to say. I go back to sleep, and we get up to go eat. I look outside now, and Sam's gone. I call him, and he says he's in College Station. He tells me his sister graduated, and he missed it hahaha. Super funny to me. We eat at this place Jessica wants to try called Cheese Berry (doesn't that sound like an Urban Dictionary word?) on Bellaire. It's an Asian pizza place. I didn't think it was too good cause it felt cheap like CiCi's, but it wasn't all you can eat. I feel kinda bad cause I feel like it was this family's bright idea to start a restaurant with Asian pizzas cause they made them for their family and friends, and I guess all of them liked it. Then I eat it, and I don't feel like I would ever go back. That sucks. Then we went to get more contacts for Jessica. We all went back to Jessica's to disperse. I went home to go to church, Mona went home, Jessica went to her friend's grad party at Lizard's.

I go to church and to prayer afterwards at Tito Jabar's house. Prayer in Katy means not getting back into town until like 1045 to 11. I hate starting late, especially on Saturdays cause I have basketball games in the morning, and this one was at 9AM the earliest ones you can have. Prayer finishes, and I take Nikko and Rachel home cause going out for them sucks since they live so far away. I probably wouldn't do stuff as much if Jessica didn't live so close to everything. Meanwhile, Jessica's been at the grad party since 4 when I left for church till I meet her at her place at almost 11. She didn't even want to go to the thing, but she heard there were only 4 people at it, so she rushed over and had so much fun. Guess why. Duh, since she's the funny one, everyone was laughing at all her jokes the whole time. Guess who wasn't there to witness it. (Man, Philip is a master hater. Everyone was laughing the whole time, but not 'cause of me. It's just weird funny stuff was happening. Plus, we were all beered up and it's always fun to hang out with classmates when it's outside of school. There was this random guy walking around. who pretty much looked like a carbon copy of Jaime Kennedy in Malibu's Most Wanted. He was acting like he was on crack or speed... really didn't fit in. Anyway, my friend Aike, who is gay, was like, "I wonder if he would show his chest since he's so messed up." I was like, I bet he will. He wobbles over to our table, and we say, "Lift your shirt." And he does it. Then his friend walks by and gets really mad at him for being so messed up and he apoligizes by saying, "Sorry daddy! Sorry! Don't beat me!" He put his hands up like he was going to get hit. Very strange. A couple of hours later, he walks by again, and we try it again: "Lift up your shirt!" He looks me straight in my eyes and says, "I ain't yo' puppet." Hope Philip doesn't get mad. No, he'll just say, "I'm so grossed out.")

Anyway, as I'm leaving the prayer Sam calls me and tells me he's going to South Beach, which is a gay club. He tells me to text him whenever we find out where we're going, cept I know he's just tryna act and really does want to go and stay at South Beach. (Is it weird to say "trying to" as opposted to "tryna" if you're Philip? What's better? Phoenetics or grammar?) We're supposed to be going to some house party that one of our friends knows about. House parties where you don't know anyone except the people you come with usually don't turn out so good. (I beg to differ. I love random house parties as long as you show up with a good group.)Luckily the plans fall through, and we have to try to figure out where to go. I get to Jess', then Miles, then Mona, then Matt and Jolene. Jolene's trying to go Azn club style, but everyone's rejecting. I guess her friends moved to Union, which is good so we don't have to dress up and it's a minute away from Jess'. I've decided I'm gonna try to be DD. It's pretty easy, turn down shots and just get beers. Drama time. Jolene's gonna beat up Monalisa cause Jolene doesn't get Mona's bad sarcastic jokes cause they just met. Miles also gets mad at Wendy for stuff. Matt gets mad at Jolene and takes her home. (Jolene is my best friend, but she gets riled up very easily. I think what happened was Mona took some unflattering pictures of her and Jolene erased one off her camera and Mona said, "You're not allowed to delete off my camera. I'll post them anyway." Then later Jolene accidentally stepped on her foot and Mona shook a fist and said "I'm gonna kick your ass." I think the fist shaking is the clue that it's not for real. We should make a reality show about this, except I don't want anyone to really get in a fight.) Everyone else comes over including some Palestinian French Norwegian guys. I whoop them in darts, and I'm waiting for everyone to leave cause I have a game in the morning. I finally just say I'm going to sleep cause I have a game and it's like 4AM. I set my alarm for 8.

We wake up on time, and we get there on time. My body's tired, but it's fine cause we have 10 this week cause school's over. Last week we only had 5. We win pretty easily, but I had two turnovers and one steal, and that's it. Boring. Me and Jess go to 99 Ranch Market to get some sushi. We get almost two pounds of salmon, some scallops, some imitation crab sticks, avocado, and cream cheese. The spicy salmon rolls we made were the bomb. Forgot we had to get sushi rice for a dollar, which is way better than trying to make your own without a rice cooker. Why are H Mart and 99 Ranch Market so close to each other? We ate then we took a nap, which was only supposed to be an hour, but ended up being 3 and a half for me and maybe like 3 for Jessica. What a waste of an afternoon. (Hate wasting afternoons, but I was seriously tired. Kept zoning out at his game, so it's a good thing nothing that awesome happened.) We eat the rest of the sushi and make some turkey burgers. Got a bunch of protein and omega 3 yesterday. The Simpsons is still a good show, and Saving Private Ryan is super good. Then we go rent Yes Man! The plot is about to start, but then my mom calls and says she's all alone, and that she's waiting for me. I guess I get to go home and defend some more titles on Fight Night Round 4, and that's what I do son. Jessica watches this other Indie film (An Education with Peter Sarsgaard and Carey Mulligan, a new British actress.) she rents with Yes Man! Glad I don't have to watch those with her. (Me too, 'cause I like to enjoy them without complaints.) I call her in the middle of it, and she had already cried during one of the parts. (The movie is solid. Good acting from both leads, and I think Carey Mulligan did such a good job acting like a naive highschooler. Also, her hair and some outfits were good.) Freak, forgot to say that I watched a preview of Human Centipede on her On Demand, and I couldn't stop thinking about it every 10 minutes. I felt so gross the rest of the day, and even this morning. I don't know what grosses me out the most about it. It might be that the guy in front of the human centipede is a guy, and he's Asian. The movie's about a mad scientist that wants to connect people from mouth to butt, super grossssssssssss. (Don't want to watch it. I said I did, but I realize now it's not so much a horror movie, but a shock-film. Everyone's just going to be waiting to see the end when they show the crazy experiment and I know I'll get a nasty feeling when I leave the theater. I watched House of 1,000 Corpses by Rob Zombie awhile ago, and left the theater feeling sick. Weird that I used to watch a bunch of movies like that. One night I did a David Lynch marathon and watched all his movies back to back. I'm surprised I'm not messed up from it.)

Good weekend.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Did the leg press Monday, and I found out how to work your hamstrings with it. Now mine are still sore, and it's Friday. Might be still sore cause I did my regular plyo on Wednesday. Two days a week still gives my body no days of being unsore, but it includes a pretty hard basketball game on Sundays.

Anyway, did some reading, and this is how I got super work on my hamstrings and some on my butt with the leg press.

- Put your feet up higher than normal on the foot plate.
- Point your toes like 45 degrees outwards from straight out.
- Slide the chair up as far as you can stretch. You can probably stretch further than you think when the weight is pushing on you.
- Push with your heels. I didn't think I could push with my heels cause I'm always pushing off my toes, but it's pretty easy if you concentrate on that.
- Let the weight come down as far as you can stretch.

The squat still sounds way better, but not brave enough to do them yet. Learning how to play a sport feels like the same thing as learning lifts. You want to look good and normal playing a sport, so it's the same way with lifting.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oldie but a Goodie

Pretty good email:

More often than not, when someone is telling me a story all I can think about is that I can’t wait for them to finish so that I can tell my own story that’s not only better, but also more directly involves me.

What makes observations that are so true so funny?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Mom on Fashion

If I in your age, I'll
go buy a boot like model's show in the picture, with short pan or skirt. For summer vacation or for the party time.


I responded and told her that she should still wear boots like that despite her age 'cause she's tall and skinny. She's 5' 10" and super thin. Don't know why she doesn't capitalize on that. I think the boots would look better with a skirt rather than a pan though.

I can't wait for the party time.

Here's the video she linked me. I guess this is what she browses on youtube.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Recap

***Longest Weekend Recap in the Universe***

Key: Philip responds in blue. Jessica responds to Philip's post in red.

So the weekend kind of started on Thursday for me because it was the senior's graphic show. They're all graduating so they display all their work to try to get professionals to see it and maybe hire them. The show was at Winter Street Gallery. It's a good gallery, but the seniors last year did it there too, so next year we'll have to find a new gallery otherwise everyone would get tired of going to the same place 3 times in a row. Philip made me sad before we left for the show, but then it went away real quick. Just wanted to remember that. It's like movies, you want to feel stuff, so maybe this will trigger something one day. Drew and Miles came over, bought beer, played darts, ate chicken nuggets, went to the show. They had free beer and appetizers so it made things better for the boys, I'm sure. We went to the after party at 13 Celsius which is a wine bar downtown. It's a cool spot- I always drive by and want to go in, but I never do. It was fun because there were so many different groups of people there. My professors, my graphics buddies, Gerry, Philip and his friend Sam, my friends Miles, Chris and Kevin. Beer + Wine = weird hangover. (Kinda weak cause I knew I had work in the morning, so I was kinda boring.)

Friday started early too. I had to go to court to turn in my defensive driving stuff so I left work early to do so. Man, I go to that courthouse so much for driving stuff. By the way, they totally re-vamped the whole place. 32" LCD screens around the whole lobby, new glass windows, new flooring, etc. I wonder if our new lesbian mayor did that. Gay people have taste. I like the changes though, because the system is way more orderly than before. Got to the courthouse, parked my car and couldn't find my ID. Called Philip. It was in his wallet. Drove to his work to pick it up and then went back to court. (I knew she would forget about my google master title. She got to my work and needed to know where to get stuff notarized. Googled it. Your bank will do it for free, and UPS costs money.) There are always soooo many Mexican people who are in trouble! Seriously. They even have the Mexican ice cream cart guy outside of the court to cater to them on a daily basis.

Philip had a half day because that weekend would be Mother's Day. Weirdest reason for half-days ever. BUT he does work with all these ladies, so he reaps that benefit I guess. He bought roses for each lady there because I guess they're all moms. I can imagine him going up to each of them and handing out a rose. So cute/gay/nice. He gave me the leftover roses which he left in his car, which wilted from the heat. Still thought it was sweet. I'll take what I can get. (I guess I'll let the bag out of the cat. Tita Meng wrote down on a sticky note, "Buy 6 long stem roses for tomorrow." She walked up to me and said, "Mr. Philip, I have some extra curricular activity for you." She just showed it to me without saying anything, so no one would know, but even I didn't know. In my head, I was just like man what do I have to get roses for, but then I figured it was for all the ladies. Still, I was like why do I have to get roses cause I suck.)

I ended up with a half day too, since it took me forever to get all the court stuff done. Went to Oishii and ate. I did it big by ordering stuff NOT on the HH menu, (which I hate - Philip). I'm rich 'cause of my fat tax return. I keep saying that and acting on it, going to be so poor so soon. Tried to take a nap after that, but instead gave Philip a Chinese lesson on how to say: 1. What? 2. Still a long time 3. I remember my first beer. He picks up on things I'm saying on the phone to my mom and he makes me repeat them and teach him. So far he can say the above mentioned and "That thing, so scary." and "Yes." (I'm pretty sure we did nap for at least an hour, oh yeah we did cause I was saying now I'm gonna remember how to say these things cause you learn when you sleep.)

Went to the Tavern for Pattie's boyfriend Thi's surprise birthday thing. Met some old friends up there. Viraj, this Indian guy who talks black, likes to rap and plays ping pong. (Viraj is the guy who got Thi to go to the Tavern by saying that he got a flat tire near by and needed a jack. I asked Thi if he was mad cause Viraj called him to help him out, and he was just like I was trying to use the excuse that my jack might not fit your car cause I have a BMW, and we made fun of him for that.) Viet, who used to date my friend Tracy and has a circle tattoo of a sun around his belly button.

(So, that whole group was going to House of Blues, which had a special room where we didn't have to dress up. Jessica, what was it called? (The Foundation Room.) Anyway, we went back to Jessica's so she could change, and I find out Sam's at Union with some other people. We stop by there cause it's really close to Jessica's, but we end up staying there the rest of the night, and we see so many other people each of us know small world like. They're all not there together too, which was weird cause it was pretty empty there too. Casey, Stephanie, Geoff, Sam, Ian, Irene's cousin.) (And also Huy, who drunk-chatted up Philip about some spartan tv show.)

Oh man. I gotta go downtown for work stuff. Philip, please finish this. Thanks.


Added some stuff, but leaving work now. Maybe I'll finish when I get to your place.


Ok, I, Philip, am doing Saturday:

Woke up too early like at 8 something. Stayed in bed until 12 something cause Jessica had an appointment with her personal trainer for her one free session. Finally went back to sleep for about 45 minutes, and she gets back and tells me it was sucky cause she didn't get any pointers on getting a good butt. Actually it's cause he just put her in a corner and made her do some medicine ball and body weight stuff. That gym is gay cause both guys that work there and helped her keep hitting on her. (Don't know what's happening. I'm friendly with them like I'm friendly with homeless people or people who work at Kroger.) She just got a text from the trainer guy about getting coffee (Not true. He said " be glad to lift with you, it's on me!" No coffee was involved.), and that other guy asked her if I was just her friend and said he'd give me a one week free pass if she wanted, and he said he'd show her how to use the machines. That's what they call it now. I had a plan for Saturday to get my oil changed, eat at Tornado, and then get something for my mom for Mother's Day. Only did none of those cause we didn't get out of bed till 2, and then I couldn't find the thing I wanted to get at the store for my mom, so I just ordered it from the internet. It's some dumb aromatherapy body patch to help with itch relief cause my mom has had allergies for like two months straight. Went to church at 5 with my parents. Met up Chris and Nikko at Chris' house while Jessica was eating with her parents. Tito Monching was there hiding to surprise Tita Tess for Mother's Day cause he wasn't supposed to get back into town for another week. We all went to dinner at Beaver's, a barbecue place, with Bryan and Marianne. Pretty good and expensive, but rich Tito Monching paid for everyone. Tough guy.

We all go back to Chris' and play Monopoly. I win. We decide to go to Pearl Bar for someone's birthday. Me and Jessica go back to Jessica's to change, and I invite Sam and Monalisa. Sam says ok, then I guess he found out last minute it was his dad's birthday and said he couldn't come. What a good son. Mona says ok, and she said she'd be there before 11:30 cause that's when we're trying to leave. Me and Jessica play darts until 12, and Mona hasn't even left cause of all these excuses. She's gassy, can't find anything to wear, and is arguing with her boyfriend. We meet everyone at The Lot right next door to Pearl, and they're playing the video photo hunt thingy. Peace, Bad Robot. Hello, Good Robot. He had the high score, now we do. Mona meets us, and then my brother and Marianne leave cause they hate her. Actually it's just cause they're tired and married. We randomly see people we know separately but are together small world like again. I see people from my basketball league who's game the next day is at 2PM, and they're having all the fun. Nikko drank too fast, again. He has his head down on the back rest of another chair towards the end. We split up and get Jessica's car from the valet. We get it, and the truck in front of us backs up into Jessica's car. Not bad, couldn't tell cause I was kinda drunk. I just told the valet guys to remember us next time cause that was super sucky. Jessica drives Mona's car, and I drive Jessica's to Jessica's house. ( I liked this part, cause Mona asked Philip if she should trust my driving and he said, "Yeah, she's the best." - or something to that degree. He will deny this and say he doesn't remember.) Us three hang out while she tries to sober up to drive home. It's like 4, and I have my game at 10AM. (By hanging out, he means he turned on the TV, which I HATE for "after-parties". I'd rather talk about my ideals.)


I wake up at 9 to get ready for my game. Jessica usually comes to every game, but this time she sucks and can't get up. I get a text from Jason that sounds all scared, "Where are y'all at?!" I don't text back cause I'm 10 minutes away, plus you think I got unlimited texts or something? Like a minute before the games starts we only have four when a fifth shows up. I'm thinking, awesome, I'm gonna be playing 40 minutes son. We end up winning by 17, and I made 7 baskets with an and 1. Jessica missed it. I always tell her that if she doesn't come then she might miss something awesome, which she did. (Maybe Philip should just do awesome stuff more often and I would never miss it, because i'm there like 99% of the time.) It was an and 1 dunk, then I dunked the free throw. Guess working out during the week works cause I didn't get that tired either from playing all 40 minutes. What was good about losing our first 5 games was that you don't have to keep the stats and run the clock for the next game. I volunteered to do it this time cause Jessica wasn't waiting. I only got yelled at once by this lady watching for not starting the clock on time. One team was up by 10 the whole time, and the other court was a close game. I was like man good thing this isn't a close game where I have to pay attention to the clock and the number of fouls and junk. Boom with 3 minutes left, the team that was down scored 7 points in 30 seconds. Anyway, left, without payin' and didn't say a word to anyone!

Went home so I could go with my parents to Three Olives where the family brunch was happening. Jessica went to her family barbecue at her parents' house. Three Olives is an Italian place in Katy that's not that good. Saw everyone, and Tito Monching surprised Tita Tess there. At brunch I heard that Nikko threw up on the way to the sink at Chris' house. I also heard that Chris' dad may have stepped in it in the morning. Brunch ended, and everyone went to the hospital to visit Tita Claire cause she might have had a very mild stroke. Can't fit 40 people in a hospital room. She probably coulda nursed herself at home. Went home and took a nap. Jessica picked me up, and we went to Swirl across from Baker St. There was this Caucasian/Italian/Jewish/just loser American lady there... (So Philip and I totally overheard this lady [overheard is an understatement 'cause she was saying it to her husband across the store,] talking about the taro flavored yogurt. She was like, "Ugh! Did you see this flavor? Taro? What IS IT? I tried it and it is SO disgusting. Why would anyone in their right mind choose that? YUCK!" Philip whispers to me, "I'm a little offended." So was I. It was like those feelings you get when you were younger and anything that to do with race got you a little bent out of shape.)

philip: do you want to talk about taro?
jessicamtsao: yes
philip: ok
say that even i felt a little offended
jessicamtsao: yeah duh
felt it
cause we're asian. and they're talking about our freaking roots

Went to Baker St. to play pool and darts, but it was freezing like always in that corner. Went to Slick's cause in Midtown the Slick's there has unlimited pool for 5 bucks on Sundays and Wednesdays. This one only had it on Wednesdays. We played for an hour, which was like 5 games, and it was 13 dollars. I hate that place. Then we got sad cause we thought we were getting boring cause we couldn't think of anything else to do cause I couldn't come over and watch movies. We went to Randall's to get groceries for the rest of the week and be healthy. The Randall's card just makes the prices go down to other cheaper stores' prices. (I used to go to that Randall's a lot when I was younger. Nostalgic. The meat department lady talked to us for a little bit about Asian moms versus Mexican moms 'cause it was mother's day. I like talking to strangers. I think Philip does too. But he has a hard time talking to people he already knows. Like the stop-and-chat with acquaintances type thing.)

I went home and put the groceries up. Took in all the plastic bags at one time looped all heavy on my forearms- because everyone knows you'd rather make one heavy trip versus 3 trips. Updated my graphics blog.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Daily Recap/ First Workouts

Yesterday was day two of my summer workout plan. Got home from work, was going to do laundry, but Philip wanted to take advantage of the $5 all-you-can-play pool at Slicks. Went there, beat him twice, then left to get some food. Brainstorm for dinner: Pappasito's 'cause it's the fajita special for two people after 5pm on Wednesday. Decided against it 'cause it was Cinco de Mayo and that would have turned into a big "to-do". Then we decided on Fuddruckers because I was craving a burger. No to that, it was too far. Ended up at McDonalds where two homeless people were also eating. Philip's nose is really good cause when he turned his head one way, he could smell them, but when he turned it just an inch the other way, it was fine. Went back to Slicks and then these two young, teenager looking boys approached us to play against them. They seemed like good kids, kinda unsure of themselves; awkward. We played them and lost/won/lost. It wasn't a real game though since they were counting bullshit shots and Philip was injured 'cause he tried to shoot all hard and punched the pool table. We were there for a long time. I'm gonna say... 5:30-8:45. Is that long?

Went to the gym. It was cool going all late because no one was really there. I did the leg press and squat machine and bench press. I hate the squat machine, it's not fun. Leg presses are do-able though. When I went on the leg press, the seat was scooted back pretty far, so I tried to read directions on how to scoot it up, but there were none. So I pulled the lever up, and being the strong person I am, I pulled it too far up and jammed it. I tried to mess with it, but it didn't work. I ended up asking this huge muscular meat head to help me and he fiddled with it and was like, "Man, someone broke it." I was like, "Nuh uh. No way." He fixed it though, thankfully.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Look Up: Muscles

Are you still building muscle if you're not sore?
Both say pretty much the same thing. Using soreness as a sign for your workout being a good one or not is wrong. When your body adapts to the movements of the exercises, you'll start getting less sore, but that doesn't mean they'll be less effective.

Jessica started her membership at this fancy schmancy place in midtown cause it was a cheap special, and I went with her. She wants to make her butt bigger, so I looked up some stuff.
How to work your butt using squats.
The site looks dumb, but it says most of the stuff that I've read from sites I trust.

7 things you must do to get a bigger butt doing squats

  1. Place the bar on your upper middle back and hold it with a wide grip...
  2. Place your feet wider than shoulder width...
  3. Point your toes out at a 45 degree angle...
  4. Keep your head up & Look straight ahead...
  5. Squat down as deep as you can is most important - the deeper the better...
  6. Push back up thru your heels to activate your butt muscles and...
  7. Bonus tip: Pause for 2-to-5 seconds at the bottom to better activate your butt muscles

Monday, May 3, 2010


So the party we went to on Saturday was super fun. Saw a lot of my good friends who I haven't seen in awhile. They got to meet Philip for a second time, and I can tell they like him a lot which is a plus. I love integration. Anyway, the point of this post is to talk about Lonnie, the superstar.

The party was on the rooftop of my friends' Mo and Abbas' lofts. Their room was down the hall from the roof, so bathroom access wasn't all that convenient. However, there is a penthouse suite right next to the roof and the owner of the penthouse let the party-people use his bathroom. Mo warned me that in order to use the bathroom, you had to make small talk with the owner who he said was "crazy" and "definitely on something" (Mo was tapping the inside of his arm with two fingers as he was saying this). What I imagined was not even close to what this guy looked like. It turned out this guy was pretty awesome. He was hands down the most entertaining guest there. He looks like Ninja from Zef Side except add 200% more gayness.

We go to his penthouse to use the bathroom and every bulb in his house is a black light. The one in his bedroom changes colors every minute. He had also purchased a fake marble column which he put by his kitchen. It was made of plastic and my friend Wendy almost knocked it over a couple of times. To say he is eccentric is an understatement. He moves around a lot, talks a lot and is super uppity and friendly. He's constantly offering you stuff too. When I first talked to him it's cause he had a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and it looked like a joint 'cause it was all brown so I asked him what it was. He said it was a fancy cigarette and offered me one from his pocket. Apparently he only puts them in his mouth cause he likes how they look and feel, but he doesn't light them up. Just lets it hang there. His hands were full so he told me to go ahead and get them myself. It's safe 'cause he's gay. I pulled these out:

Gorgeous. Yeah, I smoked it.

It's hard to imagine what his day job is like since he just seems so...out there and crazy. Plus, his penthouse looks really baller. Philip kept trying to get me to ask him what he does. Finally when a bunch of us were at his place standing around his island, I saw a business card laying on all these UPS boxes that said Lonnie & Robert and asked him what he did for a living. He said he made things. Then he picked up a box in front of him and said all excitedly, "And I made this luggage!" It looked like this:

You know he didn't make that. It came in the freaking UPS boxes. We were all passing it around like, "Hmmm.. interesting. You MADE that? Nice luggage." Then he picked up these huge XXL lace panties from inside the boxes and said he made those too. Then he said he made dance wear. Then he gave some of the panties and leggings to my friend Omar and Patrick and told them to wear it on their heads if they wanted to stop migraines. So they did. What he does is still a mystery, BUT I did find this website.

Then later when we were all outside he took off his shirt and put on some thick gold chained necklaces. I mentioned something about them and he got super excited and said, "You like gold? I'm going to get more gold!!! I'll be back with more gold!!!" Then he rushed out to find more gold. He came back with no gold, but did put on a new t-shirt with some gold graphics on it. We were all laughing super hard, cause he loves gold. Fajah fajah.

Weekend Recap

Gonna start recapping my weekends so I can remember what I was doing 10 years from now. Maybe I'll recap the whole week as a brain training thing.

Nevermind. It was even too boring for me to type out stuff from the whole week, plus it's hard to remember nothingness.

After work I went over to Jessica's, and I knew she'd be super excited to have just finished the semester the day before. We went to Rudyard's to play some pool to start off the night, and I had the best game of my life by breaking and making 7 balls in a row. Then we pick up Monalisa at her apartment pretty close to Rice University because we went to Valhalla's, which is a bar on the Rice campus. We were going there cause one of Jessica's good friends came back to visit from Columbia. They have 95 cent 12 ounce cups of beer with other ones being $1.45 and up. Then for some reason we went to Boondocks. We don't know why we keep going there, I guess it's like a default place to go when we don't feel like thinking. Met up some people and had a lot of fun, but I had a little trouble the next day. Oh yeah, almost forgot that we went to Jack in the Box before going home, and I ordered 2 dollar menu burgers and two tacos, then I ordered one or two more dollar menu burgers. I guess I ate it all cause when I got up the next day all the bags were empty.

Woke up at 8:10AM for no reason and felt super not awesome, and I couldn't even go back to sleep. We were supposed to go to watch Chris, Shara, and Bryan do their dragon boat thing at some place downtown at 11. We get there at 11:15 cause we had a little trouble finding a parking spot. We didn't pay the four dollars cause we didn't think they'd check if we weren't gonna stay that long anyway. We see their second race of the day, and they win, and it looks pretty fun. Me and Jessica walk around and see people we know and try to look at booths, but they suck. We get some popsicles, which I dominated her at by getting the original bomb pop, and she gets the watermelon bomb pop. We leave to go to the Galleria because I want to get some brown shoes to wear with khakis cause I need some, and cause we're going to her gay friend's birthday party and she says it might be fancy. We eat mall food, and I don't want to pay for some shoes that we like. We go to Urban, and I remember I need some jeans cause all of mine are getting holes. I just want to get some levi's, but then I see they're 55 bucks, and I just decide to get them anyway. When the guy rings them up they're actually 29.99. Sold. I go to church with my parents, and we eat at the Pho place close to Chris' parents' house cause that's where everyone's gonna watch the Mayweather Mosley fight. I leave chris' parents' house early to meet up Jessica to go to her friend's party. It's super gay, not in the bad way just in the gay way. A bunch of gay a lesbian people talking and dancing on the roof of a pretty nice apartment building downtown. I know I have a 9AM game the next morning, so I don't drink that much, which wasn't that big of a deal cause gay people are pretty outgoing and make you feel comfortable anyway. They have a crazy gay neighbor, but I would rather have Jessica talk about him. He was the star of the night, and there was bout be a... girl fight cause some lesbian's girlfriend got all up on some straight girl and the girlfriend got mad. Everyone starts leaving cause of this and I see one of our friends stealing a bunch of bottles, so I grabbed a box of Breath Rx gum off of a table.

Sunday Funday:
Usually Jessica has super homework to do on Sundays, but since she was done we tried to take advantage of the whooooooole day. Since my game was at nine we got an early start. I get there on time, surprisingly, because I hardly ever do even to later games. We only were gonna have 7, so I knew I was getting a lot of minutes, but then we find out they're only gonna have four. We ran train on dem boyz like those Yates kids do. We scored 122 points, but they scored like 50 something. I don't know how they got so many. Jessica wants to go back home and sleep, but then I say let's not waste the day. She keeps talking about going to boiling crab to eat crawfish, so I say ok let's go to Fry's to look at tv's until lunchtime. Also, I want to see if I can buy a shirt cause all I have is a tank top since I just finished the basketball game, and I don't want to be those guys that wear those cause they think they're all swolled up and junk. It's kinda ok if you're super skinny cause then people know you're not trying to do that. I also think it's ok if my shirt is all sweaty and I keep my basketball shoes and shorts on cause then it'll look like I just came from a game. Don't hate. It's not bad to not want to look like a loser. We look at tv's and there's this one for like 3000 dollars, and it looks super duper awesome with avatar playing on it. Oh dang, and there's ps3's there for like 230 bucks. We have a little more time to burn before lunchtime, so we try to go to Saks Off 5th, but they don't open till 12. We go to DSW Shoes and Barnes and Noble and Target before Boiling Crab. I get some loser Steve Madden's and some Haynes t-shirts, and she gets coffee, slippers, and the worst book ever. We get to Boiling crab and the wait is at least an hour says the girl. We walk over to Lee's Sandwiches cause I'm starving. We get back, and the wait was fake cause now I have to scarf down my sandwich cause we have a table. Wendy and Juan come, and I get fried seafood cause I love it and I don't love crawfish. I guess it's like going to Tornado Burger and not getting a spicy anything or a gyro. We go home and take a nap before waking up and trying to find a reverse happy hour. We go to Also Known As sushi, also known as Aka. It's expensive, and then we go to Rudyard's to play some pool and darts and shuffleboard. Jessica gets her two friends from her classes to come cause school's done. She freaking beats me twice at darts, straight up regular rules, in order and everything. It ends up being like 1:45 or something when we leave. I fall asleep at her place, and that's called taking advantage of a whole day.