Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So not so much strength training anymore cause my basketball league started again. Plus my schedule is getting full after work.

- Morning game for league after drinking all weekend.
- Evening ball with jessica's friends.

- Maybe bball practice with united at night.
- If no practice, then I want bowling here cause I want to go at least once a week.

- Tennis with my dad. Guilting me into it, but I also want to get unrusty.

- This is when I hope jason makes practice cause basketball gets all jumbled up on sundays and mondays. Sometimes we have scrimmages with other teams on wednesdays like tonight.
- If no practice, I want bowling here.
- If no bowling, finally get to workout, prob upper body cause legs are tired from all the sports.

- Work out
- Hang out with jessica
- Maybe bowl, prob darts and such.

- Work out
- Party time.

Weekend Recap


After work, I went to jessica's house to go for happy hour or dollar beers. When I got there, I couldn't find my wallet and hoped that it was just at my brother's house. Jessica's is 23 minutes away without traffic, so there goes happy hour and dollar beers.. We get to my brother's and decide to play call of duty for shots, with a handicap of course, even though jessica's kinda good for a girl that doesn't play. (I'll take that.) So it was a half shot of vodka every time she killed me, and a half shot for every four times I killed her. Sucked because she always got 2-4, but it was a little tough to get 12 and then 16. (I actually got 5 kills one time. Felt so good.) Plus everytime I looked at the kill cam, it was just her sweeping the dumb gun across the screen and luckily getting the crosshairs on me. (Sweeping across the screen but in the vicinity of where you are, so to me, that's called aiming. And then killing you means I aimed it good.)

Anyway, didn't even want to go to my room and not find my wallet. Just hoping it would be right on my bed where my jeans were laying. Not there. Luckily, I remember taking a dump, and there it was right in front of the toilet. I guess when my pants got crumpled down, it pushed the bottom of the wallet up and out of the pocket, cool story. (That's how two of my old cell phones dropped in the toilet. One time it was at Mason Jar when I was high school. The other time was at the club, cause you never bring purses to clubs. Oh and another time I dropped my cell phone into my bowl of pho. I forgot who witnessed that one, but it happened.)

We left to go to some place called Zimm's or something for jessica's friend jill's birthday. It's an older people's loungey place, and we're there with a bunch of jessica's classmates. (I like that place a lot. The patio is the bomb during the fall and the spring. I had an un-birthday party there a couple of years ago with my neighbor, Maria.) Andy and wendy come and tell us to go to union bar where their friend's birthday is. Oh yeah, we played b spike at Zimm's, and I beat up jessica. (Games like that are fun to me. I love when people forget and then when they see the fist coming at them, they get that frozen face with big eyes and go, "spike!spike!spike!")I remember in middle school, this kid on the bus got whooped up. The kind where you just see him sink down further and further into the seat while three guys are just punching downward like in the movies.
We get the birthday girl to agree to union, but change of plans to bronx bar in rice village. Just remember seeing asian and filipino people, and a girl looking for her 100 dollar earring. I thought I found it in a crack, but she just kept telling everyone that it was gone and knocked muy hands away when I was trying to pick it up, your loss. Sam came all late, and was mad that jenn came to be boring, busted.
Went with and and wendy and their friends to one of the guys' houses to eat our banh mi and jack in the box, which was the second time that night that I got jack in the box. It was all guys and just wendy and jessica. Then they started watching this asian girl that they all love who's a professional pole dancer, and jessica just kept saying how weird it was that this was happening. (Philip is making this sound like they were watching an actual girl pole dancing in their living room or something. No, it was on YouTube. We were all sitting around watching YouTube videos of a girl pole dancing to weird music. I was a little weirded out and kept saying so. Not my idea of a fun after party, but it was my fault 'cause I wanted to go so bad.) The end.

Jessica's mom's birthday. So they had lunch and a surprise party at night with a stripper. She can talk about that, and how she fell in love. (I didn't plan the stripper. Her friends did. They asked me to stay late at the party and slipped a bunch of dollar bills into my hand. I'm really nervous 'cause I'm with a bunch of my mom's friends and their husbands. Later in the night we hear the doorbell and a cop walks in and says that one of the cars in the driveway came up in a hit and run that day. He said the license plate #, and my mom starts freaking out and blaming my dad for it. The cop says he needs to ask her some questions and pulls out a chair and makes her sit it in. (Such a typical stripper set up.) My mom starts figuring things out 'cause my dad is in a corner taking pictures of this whole thing. Stripper pushes play on his boombox and does his thing. Flips down and does some push-ups while his legs are around my mom's neck. Chases all the women around and flings them over his shoulders and slaps their butts. All the husbands are in a corner watching. All the ladies are covering their faces and hoping he doesn't come after them. I say I'm underage so he doesn't touch me. They continued to party and I left to meet Philip.) I eat lunch at whataburger with sam cause he left his car at rice. I'm thinkin' I have united practice in the afternoon, so I get the barbecue cheddar burger meal plus two chicken strips with gravy. Third fast food meal in a row.

Go back to jessica's and hang out with her till practice, but hang out means I play protector IV tower defense. Practice canceled, so we hang out some more before her mom's gross stripper party that jessica planned. (I get so bored when he plays that stupid game. It forces me to surf the net which sucks on weekends 'cause I'm on the computer ALL week. I make him hang out with me for real which means we just lay around and talk about life. So deep.) Dennis came in from college station for practice, but it gets moved to sunday. I play some more tower defense after jessica leaves before I go over to sam's to play madden and pre drink.
When I try to get to sam's place at these west university apartments, where he just moved into the day before, he tells the me apt number like fifty times, but I keep forgetting. The security guard asks me for the number and I just say 12305 even thoush it's 12304, doesn't matter cause sam isn't even on the list cause he just moved in. He just tells me that he can't help me get around cause he doesn't know where sam is, and he just let's me and says to call sam, duh. He's a goofy white guy. I call sam and he tells me where to park and the hallway to walk into. I walk into the hallway and find 12305 and knock. No one answers, so I call sam. He tells me it's 12304, so I knock on that with no answer. I call him and tell him I'm outside. I'm actually not cause I'm knocking on 14305 and 14304 the whole time. I walk outta there super fast before someone comes out. Finally make it to 12304. We go to specs and chick fil a whike waiting for dennis to come. Fourth fast food meal in a row. He gets to sam's way faster than we expect with chick fil a taking longer than expected. When we finally get back to sam's, dennis is sitting outside the door with a sweat mark on his chest cause he waited for like 20 minutes, probably peed on his shirt thinking it was jess' couch. Got'em coach. We start playing call of duty for shots of crown, but the handicaps are too ridiculous so we kept changing them during the games. Dennis was the worst, but the learning curve for him was the fastest cause he never played, so his handicaps were too high and kept beating us. We moved to madden mini games of benching and the 40 yard dash. Domination, it's like what were other kids doing while my family was gaming? Playing outside or something? Yeah, right.

Leslie and jessica come over, and we all do normal pre drinking. Oh yeah something funny that happened was that sam spilled a coke back and a crown shot all over his white wall. What's funny is that I always joke about going over to sam's place to trash it cause we alwyays trashed dennis' house in college station, but dennis doesn't even have to trash sam's cause sam will do it himself. Noob. We go to boondocks and see every uh fsa person ever there. Don't remember anything weird happening except that we lost leslie. I spent like 10 or 15 minutes trying to find her after finally getting all these girls off dennis and sam. We find out that she took a cab and went home. Guess she didn't want to be a party pooper and make everyone leave cause of her.
We go to wendy's to hang out, and everyone's acting dumb. All she has to eat are strawberry flavored chinese cheetos and those pocky sticks. Anyway, I tried to put on jessica's slipper, and we start talking about that cool look when guys have to walk outside really quick, but the only slippers around are really girly ones and the heels are all hanging out the back and they're barely on the toes. Money. (Usually he has socks on too, and that looks even better.)

Football! Get up kinda early to go wash clothes and watch football at my brother's house. They went to louisiana. Plus, the us open men's championship between nadal and jokeavic. Freaking foster beat the colts by himself, but anyone can do what he did with the kind of blocking we did. Jessica falls asleep cause she's boring. (That must be a typo. He meant I fell asleep 'cause I was bored.) Basketball practice moved to monday, take that dennis. Then I get invited by jess' friends to play basketball at 5. (I like when my friends like Philip. Makes me feel like I got a good one. Drew kept yelling out "Kid-kid!" when Philip made a shot.)Good exercise, but so many weird people and overly competitive people. Scared to do or say anything. Went to a vietnamese rice plate after, super good bo luc lac. Went to emerald bowl after that for dollar games, shoes, hot dogs, and drinks. Bought three games cause my arm usually gets tired by then, and I tried working on my form but it made my scored suck. I've been spending most of my time at work looking up bowling tips and techniques. Found more on monday that I want to try out. Anyway, I couldn't leave without getting a 200 to continue my streak of getting at least one everytime I bowl with my new ball. Bowled at 224 with that last game, so the streak is at 3. Can't wait to go again. (Philip's goal is 200, mine is 100 and I got over a hundred twice. I keep watching other girls bowl so I can learn how to do it better, but it's not helping.)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

weekend recap

Can't remember friday, help please Jessica.

Ok, I'll help.

I had dinner plans with Jolene and Tracy, a friend of Jolene's from high school who moved to California. She was visiting Houston and I'm pretty sure Jolene just didn't want to go alone. Dinner was planned for 8:30. So late. Who does that? Dinner was at Kaneyama on Westheimer. Their ramen sucks and was twice as expensive than Nippon, whose ramen is SO GOOD. Tracy's friends were young; they talked about gummy bear tattoos behind their ears and fighting people at First Colony Mall outside of Bui-Yah-Kah. You can laugh, I did. I bet I'll get beat up if they ever come upon this blog. One of the girls was Filipino and so I name dropped Philip and Paguio and she said she knew Marianne and Bryan and Pauline and Carmen. So really, she name dropped. (Philip made me Facebook search her to see if he knew her, but he didn't.) I called Philip to come over after dinner and he took forever 'cause he was playing Catan and he's, "Lemme call you back" - all fast and stuff. Wendy comes over and then Philip shows up and we meet Nikko in Rice Village. He's at Bronx Bar, which is never our top choice, but we go anyway. Philip tells me to order vodka and gives me his card. Out of sheer habit I say, "Four shots of Goose chilled, please." He never went out with me when I used to do it up big, so he got mad when he got the bill. Philip loves rap and listening to songs about popping Rose and lemon Lamborghini's, but when it comes to vodka I now know he likes it from the plastic bottles. I'm about to get beat up a second time.

Philip left out the best part about Saturday. He finally met my parents. My mom needed me to take her dog to the vet because she was out for a dance rehearsal (older Chinese parents do ballroom dancing). Philip comes with me and we go to the vet and then take Cooper back to my parent's house. I didn't think for a second that my parents would come home anytime soon so we just kind of hung out for a minute. Philip needs to take a dump so he does and while he's doing that I call my mom to tell her about the vet visit. She's like, "Oh! We're pulling up to the house. Is your "friend" with you?" I freak out and I'm like, "Mommmm! Nooooo! We're not ready!" She says if that's the case, she'll wait in the car and we can slip out the back and meet her when we're actually ready for it. I thought that was ridiculous, so I tell her to just come in, but to give us a couple of minutes because Philip is taking a dump. She yells out to her friend in the car, "Ha ha! He's taking a dump!( In Chinese.)" Philip is sweating balls when I tell him what's happening and we walk outside just as they're getting out of the car and it's my mom, my dad and her friend Georgina. Philip is wearing a t-shirt, basketball shorts and Sperry's. Super cool guy. We make small talk and Philip is adorable; trying to explain the vet visit and stuff. We leave and I call my mom on the drive home and I ask her what she thinks. She says "So handsome" and her friend in the background is going, "Hot! Hot! Hot! (In Chinese)" Whatever. Philip thinks he's the cats pajamas right now. So yeah, that was the first time they have ever met Philip...15 months later.

Now, onto fixing Philip's typos below.


Ran some errands. Eye exam at the chinese place Jessica goes to on Bellaire. Not such a good selection on frames. Hopefully the ones I chose are fine. I have to wait a week cause I have vsp, but the doctor didn't know that I had vsp and had already thrown my contacts away during the exam. My current glasses are messed up because I tried to straighten them at one of the nose pieces. I always break my glasses by doing that. I might be ocd, and I've also been doing a little beat with my mouth after every burp. please verify, Jessica.

Then we prayed at my parents house, which was the 7th day out of 9 for the novina for Tito Fred. At night was supposed to be a get fancy club night with Jessica and her girlfriends, but I purposefully did not bring a collared shirt, and luckily so did Drew. In the words of timmy from Rock Band, "It's sabotage!" Anyway, people start coming over, including sam and his cousin conrad. Everyone pre drinks, and it's Ello time. I always say as long as you're buzzed before you go anywhere, it should be fine. No exception here. Everyone sees a bunch of asian people they know because every asian in houston was there. Bouncer wouldn't let me in cause I was wearing a t shirt and chucks. It's either one or the other he says. As me and jess go back to the car to get some other shoes, he's like "if you wanna take care of me then whatever whatever." I'm thinking you're a loser I don't want to take care of you. We come back and go to the vip bouncer anyway cause raymond has a table. He tells me I need a collared shirt next time. Yeah yeah.

When we get back to jessica's, people drink some more. All I can remember today is that I ate a bunch of leftovers like pizza and mongolian beef, which I only know because of empty boxes with onions on the floor and pizza sauce on my pants. The other thing I remember is that conrad bumped the freaking dart board and the whole thing came crashing down. I built it with my bare hands, and now it's broken.


Wendy wakes us up because she wants the keys to jessica's car to drive down the street to her house. It's a 2 to 3 minute walk, but anyway woke us up to find the keys. Conrad stares at me while I'm walking around in my underwear and says, "hey, let me see the dart board." I bring it out to him, and then go back to sleep. I hear lots of noise in the middle of me and jess' sleeping. When we wake up for real, everyone is gone. And bomm, (that's French for "boom") the darts board cabinet and everything is back up. Upon further inspection, they fixed how I would have not, but at least I don't have to do it for a while. Thanks conrad (sarcastic) for breaking my junk. Thanks conrad (not sarcastic) for fixing it.

Jessica and I go to a pool party. Sounds like a children's book. Anyway, richard and anne host it, and we get there before everyone, including richard and anne. Pool parties are pretty fun, hung around didn't drink that much cause I knew we had prayer. Then beer bong guy shows up. People always try to get me to drink more because I'm the youngest whenever I hang out with jessica's friends. It happens just like frank the tank in old school. I keep resisting. Then I finally cave, "I'll do one." "He gon' do one!" "Once it hits your lips, it's just so good."

We finally leave after a million hours to go to mr. v's for prayer. Me and Jessica are pretty drunk. Jessica goes to sleep for the rest of the night, and I win poker and be obnoxious all night. Then I get a migrane while trying to sleep on allyse's bed. Hurts sooooooo bad. I go to the bathroom to take a dump, but after I take a dump, I make myself throw up in the sink because the toilet is all stinky. Now it's like the dumb and dumber scene with jeff daniels in the bathroom. I clogged the sink with my throw up. I thought I had more time because they were playing catan, but everyone was leaving and my brother started calling me. I'm all rushing and using my hanf (he's going German now) as a plunger and shoveling water and throw up out of the sink and into the tup with a cup (coolest rhyme ever) I found under the sink. I'm pretty sure I did a good job because the water was all gone and I don't remember seeing any chunks anywhere. I bet they found out the next day though. Bryan tries to drive my car back to his house, and I just keep looking at tita standing there. Me and Jessica leave cause my migrane is pretty much gone, and then I fall asleep on the couch. It's so hard to get up from the couch to go to bed even though you keep saying yeah I'll be there in a second, hold on. Overall, a good day and night. -kid cudi. Psyche.


Party time cause it's labor day. Cept I don't feel so good. I'm pretty sure we just ate lunch and went to my parents house for last day of prayer. Oh yeah, we went to hootersan (that Japanese restaurant with boobs and wings) and since it was labor day, we ordered ten wings and got ten for free. We were staring so bad so got appetizers too. (I will kill Philip for staring at Hootersan)I thought I was gonna kill it, but we ended up taking more than ten wings home. I guess my stomach wasn't ready after the day before. Prayer and then catan all day. Marianne and shara want to do something fun like shop and junk or dress up and go eat somewhere nice cause they were sad or something. It was all weird cause they're girls and I'm trying to play tower defense protector IV. The go to Ra happy hour. Guys play catan. Me and jess go home cause she has homework. I find out the next day that nikko kuya rex bryan and chris played catan all night at my brothers. I didn't feel good anyway. We need to keep stats of everytime people lose and win.

Just spent the first hour and a half at work typing this out on my phone.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Lord of All Catan

We've been playing this old board game that's new to our family called Settlers of Catan. The game takes hours and sucks hard when you're losing. Makes you be really sad and mad at everyone else. I bet if someone tape recorded our games we'd laugh really hard later at the things we're saying.

Anyway I just wanted everyone to remember how I three peated for the second time last night with two glorious victories in the cities and knights expansion over nikko, bryan, and kuya rex. Sheep rich the first time and wheat rich the second time my friends. GG.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Week 3

8/30 Squats: 215 lbs (5,5,5,5) some not low enough
Pull ups: (7,5,4)
8/31 Bench: 135 lbs (8,8,7) still trying to do 12 reps
9/1 Squat Jumps: 95 lbs (5,5,5,5)
9/2 Press: 65 lbs (12,9,10,6,12,11) longer rests only reason I got back up to 12
9/3 Squat: 145 lbs (10,10,10,10) work on form and build endurance
Pull ups: (7,5)