Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekend Recap

Last Friday Philip and I went to get dollar beers at Sherlocks after work. Got two beers from the Puerto Rican bartender who I asked if he was Indian the first time he served us. Both dart boards were taken up so we were forced to make conversation with each other. We made up some jokes on the spot and they're all really bad. I can only remember a few:

So a guy walked up to the bar and the bartender was like, "How'd you do that with no stairs?"
What do you call beer-poo? Bar stool.
What did one beer say to the other when he lost his keys? Don't worry I have Dosequis.
A boy buffalo asked his dad what he was as his dad was dying, but all the dad buffalo had time to say was, "bye son."

After that a dart board opened up. We played for a bit and then went back to my place to wait for Sam to come over so we could go to Brit John's house for a mini-party. Mini-party turned out to be pretty fun. Someone donated a bunch of jello shots so we made the losers of paper, rock, scissors take one. John said he had corn-hole, but it was a miniature set which was weak 'cause it's so much harder to make those in. Losers took jello shots. Four girls who none of us really knew showed up and I think certain guys had dibs on a couple of them. Brit John and one of the girls got locked in his room cause his lock broke and we tried to free them. Her drunk friends were freaking out about it and thought something bad was happening to her. C'mon, no way. Everyone went up to the roof to look at the stars or whatever and I went back down to go to the bathroom and then I couldn't find my way back up again so I gave up. Heard Sam was straight pimping up there. We left and the next morning Sam couldn't find his phone, but it was ok because they were in the backseat of my car. But then he couldn't find his shoes but that's ok because the grass on on his socks was evidence that he didn't wear them home and left them at Brit John's house.

Saturday morning we had pho like usual and hung out for a little bit before Philip and I realized we were exhausted. Took a huge nap until 5:30P when I had to get up to get ready for a wedding which I was getting picked up for at 6:00. Ready in no time. Aike was my date since Philip denied my invitation a month earlier. The wedding was really swanky. Chinese girl + Jewish guy at Hotel ZaZa. They did the chair lifting and the glass breaking. Groom fell out of his chair 'cause the guys were too weak to carry him. Went back home and Philip was still there watching TV. He did a marathon of Always Sunny and The League. We both made togas out of my bedsheets in 10 minutes and were out the door and on our way to a party ranch which was really far away. Good thing Andy picked us up. He had Sam's shoes in his car, but of course we forgot to get them. The party was pretty cool. We pulled up and some old white guy was standing outside looking mean. We drove by him and and Wendy tried to ask him a question, but he was like, "Let me speak to the driver!" He turned out to be the party overseer and gave us a VIP spot. We got there kind of late so we had to catch up with the partiers. Lots of people were there and they had a photobooth set up which we took advantage of after we got tipsy. Philip doesn't remember much.

Sunday was super chill day/night. Had lunch with Wendy and Andy and ran into half of the people at the toga party which is funny because when we woke up, Philip put on his toga again and said he was going to wear it to lunch. But since we decided to go to an asian restaurant instead of Free Birds, he thought no one would get it, so he took it off. Too bad, cause everyone at that restaurant would have gotten it if he wore it anyway. Watched all of the Always Sunny's available on OnDemand and all of The Leagues. Both good. Lean night.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Philippines 2010: Part 1

The Gaddis went again for the third time in two years for kuya jofre and ate mye's wedding on 10/10/10. I'm gonna try to break down the trip from my point of view.


We get there at night after leaving thursday morning because of the airplane time machine. Starting to be tradition to go to Nomu right when we get there to meet up all the cousins. It's a small bar that my cousin part owns, and we meet most of the cousins there with some of their friends. We take over the vip room upstairs, and we take lots of shots and drink lots of beer. All the girls peace out, and we go to heartbeat. Everyone gets super drunk, and the girls are ugly. We get burger king, which becomes a recurring theme, and they wouldn't let us back into ate dianne's condo. We sleep at kuya jofre's, and I get a migraine and kick kuya jofre all night.


Kuya allen wakes us up to take us home so they can do stuff for the wedding. We're super hungover, and kuya russell stays to buy a suit for the wedding. Me and bryan just go to sleep when we get to the condo. We get ready to go to kalumpit where kuya tong and his brother's live. The condo doesn't have hot water, but the pressure and flow are good. Tita claire's house is super duper hot. She's kuya tong's mom and tito fred's wife. Kuya tong keeps wanting us to drink, but me and my brother are too hungover. We stay there all day, and everyone just keeps napping in the air conditioned rooms while I nap twice out in the living room and be soaking with sweat. We finally are all up, and we start drinking some beer while listening to kuya bong's cd's. He's a councilman and kuya tong's brother, so he has a jingle from his campaign. It's a parody of nobody but you by the wondergirls. Another cd we hear is a bunch of acoustic covers of pop songs from lady gaga and others, so we ask kuya bong's wife to burn us some. Time to leave and then party. Gets kinda late when we finally get to metrowalk to meet up kuya russell with kuya jofre and his family and the chicago people. On the way in, we see kuya russell walking out ballin it up. He says he's coming back. Everyone left before we got there, so we tried to party at aruba, just me, bryan, marianne, ate nicole, ida, and kuya rex. We get kuya jofre and them to come back baby. Party time. At least that's what it felt like to me, but it could have just been me kuya rex and fel. We met her chinese boyfriend for the first time there. She one upped me cause I didn't bring my chinese girlfriend, just my filipina one. Joke lang. We go to burger king, and kuya rex tries to order 2 of everything, but end up getting like 2 of 3 of the value meals. Me and him eat almost all of it. I get another migraine and throw up in the sink. Boom.